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Mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe frequency converter

BPJ(ZJT)series mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe AC inverter as one of the high-tech products which combine digital frequency speed regulation technology and related cooling technology. It is suitable for variable frequency asynchronous motor or ordinary asynchronous motor of AC 50Hz, motor power 11KW~1120KW, rated voltage 660V or 1140V to soft start, soft stop and operation process control under heavy load, its start, stop, process control curve can be set to “S” type curve, linear curve, function curve and other forms of curve. The curve can be adjusted according to the actual conditions of the scene to reduce the dynamic tension and impact of the device when starts. For example, it can lower the requirements to the belt strength when used on the belt conveyor to extend the service life of the conveyor, thereby reducing the initial investment on the conveyor. In addition, the inverter has the online control function, can adjust the operating power frequency and output power of the motor according to the load changes of the motor, so as to achieve the required torque to improve the power factor under the no-load situation. The inverter also has four quadrants working characteristics, which is suitable for hoisting machines, step-less rope winch, under-belt conveyor and other work occasions safe to safe, stable and energy-saving operation. With the continuous improvement of the degree of automation of coal mine, the inverter is becoming the development direction of the future control of coal mine motor equipment with its functions of energy saving, high efficiency, safety and reliable characteristics, and has been widely used.

This product is used in coal mines, petroleum and chemical and other harsh environments to soft start, soft stop and operation process control of the motor and energy-saving applications, especially suitable for coal mine or ground mine to enhance the winch, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, coal feeder, fan, pump, pressure fan and emulsion pumps and variable frequency speed control of other equipment.