FJP series mine spray dust suppression blower

FJP series of mine spray dust suppression blower (formerly JPK-3 mine hydrodynamic spray dust collector) is used for dust removal in belt roadway, return roadway and coal face.
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1. Overview

The dust suppressor design is suitable for dust reduction in gas discharge boreholes, roadway shotcrete, excavation roadway, coal mining face, belt roadway, return air roadway, etc. The dust suppressor does not require electricity, and uses the static pressure water and compressed air in the well to drive the impeller to form negative pressure or fog cannons to reduce dust at the dust point, and passes through all regions of the country.

the underground high-pressure water pipe is inserted at the water inlet of the filter, and the water outlet of the filter is connected to the water inlet joint of the dust remover through high-pressure rubber hose, The compressed air is connected to the air inlet. Open the high-pressure water valve and air pressure valve, and the equipment operates.

The use of coal mines, the dust reduction effect can obviously better protect the health of workers near the dust source.

2. Product advantages

1)It is suitable for dust reduction in harsh environments such as underground fully mechanized mining face, tunneling face, belt conveyor transfer point and so on.

2)The dust collector does not need power supply, and only relies on static pressure water or static pressure water to drive the fan to achieve the functions of dust reduction and dust removal; the production is safer and the energy saving effect is obvious.

3)The dust collector is small in size, light in weight, easy to move and install, greatly reduces workload and improves work efficiency.

4)It has a wide range of applications, does not need to be connected to electricity, and improves the safety of mine production.

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