Mine Hydrodynamic Automatic Dust Reduction System

The mine hydrodynamic automatic dust reduction system is mainly composed of hydrodynamic dust remover, automatic sprinkler dust reduction device, main control box, touch sensor, heat release sensor, equipment start and stop sensor and other equipment. The system is programmable, easy to install, energy saving, consumption reduction and high dust reduction efficiency. It can automatically judge the pedestrian, driving and surrounding environment according to the roadway and environmental dust source, and automatically start and stop the dust remover to realize automatic dust reduction.
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1.General situation
The mine wet-type dust -removing fan is used for the mining working face of the current mine and the tunnel shotcrete. in that mine wet-type dust-removal fan principle,the explosion-proof motor drive the rotating air flow generated by the high-speed rotation of the impeller to generate negative pressure, the dust-containing liquid formed by the dust -containing air and the water mist is discharged from the dust-containing liquid drop formed by the dust-containing air and the water mist by the centrifugal force of the high-speed high-speed impeller, so that the cutting of the heading machine is reduced, and a large amount of dust generated in the The existing mining wet dust-removing fan has the SCF-5 type 11kw, the SCF-6 type 18.5 kw, the SCF-7 type 37kw according to the power of the explosion-proof motor.
2.Working principle of mine hydrodynamic dust remover
The rotating air flow produced by the high speed rotation of the impeller driven by static pressure water under the mine strengthens the conflict between dust and water fog in the air,improves the combination of  water fog and fine dust, and makes it fully mixed and forms dust droplets. The centrifugal force generated  by the rotating air flow threw the dust liquid droplets onto the inner cylinder wall and was discharged through the wind tube,so as to achieve the purpose of catching dust and pirifying the air.The core of technology is to replace the mine wet dust removal fan explosion-proof motor to drive the impeller by hydrostatic  hydrodynamic drive impeller under mine pressure,so as to achieve energy saving and power saving.

3.Energy saving comparison table

Type of wet dust removal fan for mine
Type of wet dust removal fan for mine
Working hours/days
Working hours/years
Electricity saving
330 day
58080 degree
330 day
97680 degree
330 day
195360 degree

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