Coal mine integrated automation information system Apr 19, 2022

1. System introduction

The coal mine integrated automation information system is designed with the management concept of safety, high efficiency, few people and no one in coal mine production, and applies advanced automation control technology, computer communication technology, information network technology and other scientific and technological means to build a safe and efficient modern coal mine integrating coal mine production management, safety management and operation management.

2. System composition
Coal mine integrated automation information system is composed of ground production dispatching command system, ground and underground industrial high-speed ring network and various production subsystems.

3. Platform software functions
1) Real time monitoring function: realize the real-time display function of relevant information of automation subsystem

2) Remote control function: support each automation subsystem to realize remote control
3) Fault alarm function: according to the alarm type, alarm range, corresponding equipment and other alarm information set by the subsystem, it displays reminders in real time, and has the function of fault record query at the same time
4) Fault diagnosis function: establish a problem database in the background of the automation platform software and include the important alarm information of the system in the database. When the operator views the alarm in the configuration screen, click the alarm automatic index knowledge base and pop up the fault solution

5) Data fault tolerance function: the real-time database and communication server support the active and standby redundancy function
6) Video linkage function: when the system detects that there is a fault in the equipment, the video image of the fault location will pop up automatically. So that the operators can understand the site situation in time
7) Comprehensive query function: record, store and query the main data of each subsystem according to the actual sampling period
8) Curve analysis function: it can display and analyze the main parameters and real-time parameters stored in the system, and has the function of clearing and transferring historical data
9) Permission management function: the system has permission setting function to set operation permissions for users with different permissions.

4. System advantages
1) Safety benefits: centralized monitoring and monitoring on the ground, reducing the number of underground personnel and reducing the possibility of underground casualties; Improve the working environment, improve the safety factor and ensure the personal safety of employees; Data sharing and alarm linkage to reduce losses caused by mine disasters.

2) Investment benefit: save the repeated investment cost and maintenance cost of transmission channel; Save repeated investment costs such as database, configuration software and software development; Build transmission platform, monitoring platform and access platform, one-time investment and long-term benefit.
3) Personnel benefit: realize unattended and regular inspection, and effectively reduce personnel cost; Realize the automatic control of equipment and reduce the labor intensity of workers; Reduce post employment and improve staff efficiency

4) Production benefits: reduce manual operation errors and prolong the service life of equipment; Improve the fault analysis and judgment ability of equipment and reduce shutdown accidents; Strengthen the dispatching and management of transportation and improve the transportation capacity
5) Management benefit: provide a high-speed, safe and reliable management platform for mine automation system; Give full play to the integrated efficiency of the system and improve the overall management level; Realize the integration of coal mine management and control and improve the safety production management and dispatching level of coal mine.

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