Supplier on-site technical service
1)  Installation and debugging, technical guidance, consulting, etc.
2) Free provision of instructions and parts catalogues and related technical materials for users
3) On-site technical guidance, related theoretical support and necessary technical training to users according to the needs of users
4) The company provides users with reasonable price of high quality products and related accessories in a timely manner

5) The company has a full-time after-sales service team, one hour after receiving the notification from the user to give a clear reply, and promise to arrive at the scene

6) During the warranty period (the product warranty period is 12 months): if it belongs to the product quality problems, the company provides maintenance accessories and technical services free of charge, beyond the quality assurance period: our company provides free technical services;

8) Quality assurance measures: after the equipment is put into operation, our company will send after-sales service personnel to the site to carry out itinerant inspection according to the needs of users to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

9) The accessories will be sent to the maintenance site free of charge during the warranty period.

Quality control of product design
For products, the project leader shall determine the design input according to the technical agreement, original design data and ordering technical requirements, prepare corresponding technical documents, and implement them after review. Its contents are: design basis (design data and requirements provided by users, etc.); Requirements of the contract or plan assignment and the design quality characteristics determined thereby; Laws, regulations, standards and specifications that need to be specially followed; The main technical approaches, methods and means adopted in the design, and the technical problems or key processes that should be solved in the design; The design output of each stage shall be reviewed or confirmed by the response level personnel before being handed over to the next process or delivered to the user. The technical documents formed in different stages of design shall be checked and reviewed by the responsible persons at all levels.

Quality control of purchased equipment
Our company selects the products of manufacturers with good performance and quality reputation in the industry for the purchased equipment and equipment. After the arrival of components, the quality inspection department shall carefully test them to ensure the quality of purchased equipment and equipment.

Quality control during factory commissioning and factory inspection
Our company shall conduct delivery inspection and test for all equipment and devices provided, and provide delivery inspection report. The following quality inspection procedures must be carried out before the products leave the factory: testing the main technical indicators of all products; Conduct reliability and stability test (simulated system operation test under rated voltage and rated ambient temperature). Those who pass the above tests are allowed to leave the factory.

Specific packaging and handling methods

Ability to ensure delivery on time. Place an order from the entry into force of the contract to the shipping process, we have strict production plan, production schedule, logistics plan, production process progress follow-up, Let the customer after order until receiving the goods production progress.

Ability to ensure product safety to the customer. Export equipment in the process of ocean transportation there are specific packaging and treatment methods to ensure anti-collision, anti-extrusion, anti-deformation, anti-friction, anti-rust, anti-salt corrosion in seawater and so on.

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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