Mine winch hoist control system Feb 23, 2022

1. System introduction

ZTK mine winch hoist electric control system uses bpj1 mine flameproof and intrinsically safe AC frequency converter. Aiming at the application of underground inclined roadway winch and stepless rope winch for lifting and transportation, it has synchronously developed supporting programmable controller and field sensor to form an electric control system integrating drag, control, operation and field detection, forming a set of driving AC frequency converter, Control the electronic control system with programmable controller as the core (hereinafter referred to as the electronic control device).

The electric control device uses the mine flameproof and intrinsically safe frequency converter to realize the control of the main circuit of the motor. Through the operation display console, programmable controller (PLC), counting encoder, position switch and other field operation instructions, information feedback and logic operation processing procedures, it acts on the closed-loop regulation system of the frequency converter to control the high-power IGBT components. During the starting, running and stopping of the motor, Automatically control the motor according to the preset curve, and ensure that the acceleration time, acceleration and speed are controlled within the set range, so as to complete the operation process smoothly and reliably. During electrical braking, the motor works in the power generation state, so that the DC bus voltage of the equipment is higher than the set value, and the equipment feeds back energy to the power grid.

The electric control device is mainly used in coal mine main and auxiliary shaft hoists, concealed inclined shaft hoisting winches, endless rope winches and other transportation systems. Its characteristics of high speed regulation accuracy, large torque, complete protection, safety and reliability, energy saving and high efficiency have been widely recognized and widely used.

2. System composition

1) BPJ series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe AC frequency converter

2) Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe programmable control box

3) Mining intrinsically safe console

4) Mine shaft encoder
5) Mine intrinsic safety travel switch
6) Mine intrinsic safety proximity switch
7) Mine intrinsic safety temperature sensor
8 mining intrinsically safe pressure transmitter

3. System function

1) The system has semi-automatic, manual, maintenance and other control modes;
2) The system has the functions of over winding bypass selection, safety loop control and fault signal shielding;
3) The lifting height shall be corrected according to the actual position of the tramcar to ensure the parking accuracy;
4) Frequency setting mode: digital setting, analog setting, MODBUS or PROFIBUS communication setting, etc;
5) Protection functions: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, zero sequence current (leakage), input and output phase loss, motor overspeed, overheating, IGBT short circuit, motor short circuit, hardware fault, software fault and other protection;
6) Fault memory function: automatically save various information and waveform information of the last nine faults to facilitate the analysis of fault causes;
7) System protection: over winding, over speed of hoist, limit protection, overload and under voltage, failure of depth indicator, brake clearance protection device, rope loosening protection, wrong operation direction, emergency shutdown of operation console, emergency shutdown of signal system, frequency converter failure, hydraulic station failure, main motor temperature alarm, main bearing temperature alarm, brake oil temperature, mine car lane falling protection, encoder failure, etc.

4. System characteristics

1) The advanced speed control technology of the three-phase vector speed regulation system is applied to the motor speed regulation system with high precision, which makes the motor have good speed control performance through the double closed-loop control technology of the three-phase vector speed regulation system.
2) The AFE rectification feedback technology is adopted to realize the electrical braking with regenerative energy feedback, with large braking torque and good response characteristics.
3) Meet or exceed the protection requirements specified in the coal safety regulations.
4) Constitute the safety protection of two-wire system (two sets of PLC). Key circuits such as safety circuit and deceleration circuit adopt hardware and software redundancy design and diversified design to realize double or triple protection.
5) The "two-wire system" control of the winch electric control system is realized to ensure the reliable emergency operation of the equipment under the fault state.
6) The driver's operation is simple and reliable. The safety and reliability of the system are no longer determined by the driver, but by the equipment itself, which improves the safety and reliability of the system.
7) The system design shall be designed and reviewed according to the principles of safety and reliability, advanced technology, convenient use and maintenance, economy and practicality.
8) Explosion proof frequency converter drive, good energy saving effect.
9) Realize the locking with the safety facilities of inclined roadway.
10) It can meet the torque and control requirements of endless rope winch under various working conditions.
11) Basically maintenance free, which reduces the equipment shutdown and maintenance time caused by maintenance.

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