• Centralized control system of belt conveyor
    Centralized control system of belt conveyor
    1. System introduction The belt conveyor centralized control system combines advanced automatic control, communication, computer technology, video monitoring technology, information technology and modern management technology, controls and manages the coal mine transportation production system and statistics as a whole, and provides an overall solution to realize optimal operation, optimal control, optimal management and unattended on-site posts, so as to reduce personnel and increase efficiency, improve production and operation conditions, safety level The purpose of accident disaster prediction. The centralized control system is mainly composed of ground monitoring master station, underground monitoring substation, sensors and protection. It adopts distributed network structure, and each station can control each other independently. The figure below shows the configuration of a substation, and the microcomputer control box is used as the host of the substation to communicate with the master station to realize centralized control. 2. System function 1) A variety of control modes are available: centralized control linkage, centralized control manual, local manual and maintenance; 2) The industrial control computer in the centralized control center can centrally control the start / stop of belt conveyor, coal feeder and other equipment, and multiple belt conveyors can start and stop along the coal flow reversibly; Control the interlocking start and stop of some belt conveyors; 3) According to the starting, running and stopping characteristics required by the belt conveyor, realize the functions of automatic tensioning, soft starting, power balance, controllable braking and down running braking; 4) The system reserves interfaces with belt conveyor CST, controllable hydraulic coupler, frequency converter and other driving equipment, which can be seamlessly connected with its driving control; 5) The system is equipped with coal stacking, deviation, smoke, speed, temperature, bunker coal level, emergency stop locking, longitudinal tearing, watering, belt breaking, tension and other protection; 6) Configure video image monitoring device to monitor the working state of field equipment in real time; 7) Equipped with communication signal device, it can realize start-up notice, point signal contact, voice alarm and voice communication along the belt conveyor. 8) The monitoring industrial control computer in the ground dispatching room adopts one master and one standby, and the display adopts 22 inch color LCD, which can visually display the operation status, production condition parameters and equipment fault status of process equipment in the form of animation, graphics and Chinese characters. 9) The underground control station has a menu operation interface. All protection values can be set through the cursor and keyboard. Users can also shield unnecessary protection functions according to the site conditions. 10) The system has historical data report, h...
  • Mine winch hoist control system
    Mine winch hoist control system
    1. System introduction ZTK mine winch hoist electric control system uses bpj1 mine flameproof and intrinsically safe AC frequency converter. Aiming at the application of underground inclined roadway winch and stepless rope winch for lifting and transportation, it has synchronously developed supporting programmable controller and field sensor to form an electric control system integrating drag, control, operation and field detection, forming a set of driving AC frequency converter, Control the electronic control system with programmable controller as the core (hereinafter referred to as the electronic control device). The electric control device uses the mine flameproof and intrinsically safe frequency converter to realize the control of the main circuit of the motor. Through the operation display console, programmable controller (PLC), counting encoder, position switch and other field operation instructions, information feedback and logic operation processing procedures, it acts on the closed-loop regulation system of the frequency converter to control the high-power IGBT components. During the starting, running and stopping of the motor, Automatically control the motor according to the preset curve, and ensure that the acceleration time, acceleration and speed are controlled within the set range, so as to complete the operation process smoothly and reliably. During electrical braking, the motor works in the power generation state, so that the DC bus voltage of the equipment is higher than the set value, and the equipment feeds back energy to the power grid. The electric control device is mainly used in coal mine main and auxiliary shaft hoists, concealed inclined shaft hoisting winches, endless rope winches and other transportation systems. Its characteristics of high speed regulation accuracy, large torque, complete protection, safety and reliability, energy saving and high efficiency have been widely recognized and widely used. 2. System composition 1) BPJ series mine flameproof and intrinsically safe AC frequency converter 2) Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe programmable control box 3) Mining intrinsically safe console 4) Mine shaft encoder 5) Mine intrinsic safety travel switch 6) Mine intrinsic safety proximity switch 7) Mine intrinsic safety temperature sensor 8 mining intrinsically safe pressure transmitter 3. System function 1) The system has semi-automatic, manual, maintenance and other control modes; 2) The system has the functions of over winding bypass selection, safety loop control and fault signal shielding; 3) The lifting height shall be corrected according to the actual position of the tramcar to ensure the parking accuracy; 4) Frequency setting mode: digital setting, analog setting, MODBUS or PROFIBUS communication setting, etc; 5) Protection functions: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, zero sequence current (leakage), input and output phase loss, motor overspeed, overheating, IGBT short circuit, motor...
  • Automatic monitoring system of pressure fan
    Automatic monitoring system of pressure fan
    1. System introduction High pressure air is an important power source of underground excavation equipment and coal preparation equipment in coal mine. The stability of air pressure is an important guarantee for the efficient and safe operation of the equipment. If the air pressure is too low, the equipment will not work normally. If the air pressure is too high, the gas transmission pipeline will be broken, air leakage and unsafe gas equipment will be caused. Since the working mode of the air compressor is continuous and the gas consuming equipment is intermittent and intermittent, the air compressor needs to operate continuously to ensure the stable gas supply of the gas supply equipment. Generally, multiple units work in parallel, resulting in the increase of power consumption and maintenance cost of air compressor, resulting in energy waste. At the same time, too high wind pressure is very easy to cause pipeline damage and great potential safety hazards. The automatic monitoring system of air compressor is adopted to realize automatic regulation and closed-loop control of pipeline pressure and air compressor, so as to ensure the stable gas supply of gas consuming equipment, and ensure the operation safety of field equipment and gas transmission pipeline and personnel safety. The distributed automatic control system is composed of advanced industrial computer, programmable controller, intelligent instrument, data communication technology and various intelligent sensors, which realizes the combination of centralized control and decentralized control. The control system consists of four layers: management layer, operation layer, control layer and field equipment. The management layer and operation layer adopt dual computer hot standby and dual communication redundancy technology, and adopt the communication mode of equipment network, industrial redundant Ethernet, LAN and modbus485 network to form an integrated network structure of management and control. The management and the enterprise management station form a high-speed LAN to provide decision-making information for managers. 2. System function Data acquisition and display function 1) Real time acquisition and display of working condition parameters and curves such as cylinder pressure at all levels, cylinder temperature at all levels, cooling water temperature at all levels, lubricating oil temperature, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature and bearing shaft temperature of pressure fan. 2) Monitor the operation of cooling water system and lubrication system, and monitor the pressure, flow data and curve. 3) Real time acquisition and display of three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and other electrical parameters and curves of motor operation. 4) Real time display of switching value data and status of circuit breaker, fan start and stop, etc. 5) Real time display of various alarm information of fan and motor. Protection function 1) Motor protection: it...
  • Mine personnel precise positioning system
    Mine personnel precise positioning system
    1. Product description The mine personnel precise positioning system is a new generation of personnel positioning system specially designed for the mine. The system adopts a kind of carrier free communication technology and uses the non sine wave narrow pulse from nanosecond to microsecond to transmit data. Compared with other mining positioning technology, the system has the unique advantages of high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference performance, high transmission rate, large system capacity, small transmission power and so on. 2. System composition The system is mainly composed of ground central station monitoring host and software, communication cable or optical cable, mine flameproof and intrinsic safety power box, mine intrinsic safety network switch, positioning base station and lightning arrester. The monitoring management software processes, displays and provides printing function for data. The mining intrinsic safety network switch constructs communication transmission network through network electric port or optical port and connects positioning base station, monitoring host and other equipment; the power box provides intrinsic safety power for mining intrinsic safety switch and positioning base station; the positioning base station will collect and calculate data through mining intrinsic safety exchange The machine is uploaded to the ground center station; the identification card is worn on the staff to identify and locate the staff. 3. Product advantage 1) Adopt wireless two-way communication ranging and positioning technology (UWB positioning) 2) The personnel identification card adopts UWB technology to realize wireless transmission 3) The effective coverage area radius of positioning base station signal shall not be less than 400m in open and unobstructed environment 4) It integrates the functions of mine personnel positioning, attendance, management, alarm call, data collection, etc 5) Adopt TCP / IP Ethernet (RS485 bus optional) + optical fiber transmission, long communication distance, stable and reliable performance 6) The system architecture can be extended through Ethernet 7) The portable identification card is small, light and easy to carry. It can be placed on the helmet, belt and miner’s lamp rope or integrated in the miner’s lamp. 4. Service characteristics 1. System Patrol time: less than 1s 2. Transmission error rate: ≤ 5 × 10-8 3. System capacity: the system network structure can be extended to access more positioning base stations; identification cards ≤ 6500 4. Recognition speed: ≥ 5m / S 5. Number of concurrent identification: > 80 6. Missing reading rate: ≤ 10-4 7. Data transmission: a) Transmission rate: typical Ethernet rate 100Mbps b) Transmission medium: network cable or optical fiber c) Maximum transmission distance: Between intrinsically safe switches: 10km Between intrinsically safe switch and positioning base station: 10km Between the positioning base station and the radio identification card: ...
  • Coal mine integrated automation information system
    Coal mine integrated automation information system
    1. System introduction The coal mine integrated automation information system is designed with the management concept of safety, high efficiency, few people and no one in coal mine production, and applies advanced automation control technology, computer communication technology, information network technology and other scientific and technological means to build a safe and efficient modern coal mine integrating coal mine production management, safety management and operation management. 2. System composition Coal mine integrated automation information system is composed of ground production dispatching command system, ground and underground industrial high-speed ring network and various production subsystems. 3. Platform software functions 1) Real time monitoring function: realize the real-time display function of relevant information of automation subsystem 2) Remote control function: support each automation subsystem to realize remote control 3) Fault alarm function: according to the alarm type, alarm range, corresponding equipment and other alarm information set by the subsystem, it displays reminders in real time, and has the function of fault record query at the same time 4) Fault diagnosis function: establish a problem database in the background of the automation platform software and include the important alarm information of the system in the database. When the operator views the alarm in the configuration screen, click the alarm automatic index knowledge base and pop up the fault solution 5) Data fault tolerance function: the real-time database and communication server support the active and standby redundancy function 6) Video linkage function: when the system detects that there is a fault in the equipment, the video image of the fault location will pop up automatically. So that the operators can understand the site situation in time 7) Comprehensive query function: record, store and query the main data of each subsystem according to the actual sampling period 8) Curve analysis function: it can display and analyze the main parameters and real-time parameters stored in the system, and has the function of clearing and transferring historical data 9) Permission management function: the system has permission setting function to set operation permissions for users with different permissions. 4. System advantages 1) Safety benefits: centralized monitoring and monitoring on the ground, reducing the number of underground personnel and reducing the possibility of underground casualties; Improve the working environment, improve the safety factor and ensure the personal safety of employees; Data sharing and alarm linkage to reduce losses caused by mine disasters. 2) Investment benefit: save the repeated investment cost and maintenance cost of transmission channel; Save repeated investment costs such as database, configuration software and software development; Build transmission platform, monitoring platform and access platform, one-time investmen...
  • Automatic monitoring system of mine water pump
    Automatic monitoring system of mine water pump
    1. Product description The coal well pump is one of the main equipment to ensure the safety of mine production, and the remote control and monitoring of underground pumping station is an important part of the construction of integrated automation. At present, in the underground pumping station drainage system design, generally set up a number of pumps, rotating for work. These pumps have high voltage, high power and complicated operating conditions, so it is difficult for them to monitor in real time. In addition, the traditional manual operation is widely used in the water filling (vacuum pumping), water level monitoring of water tank and the operation and management of pump house before the water pump is started. The traditional mode of operation is cumbersome, with high labor intensity, human factors, long time for starting pump, and low degree of automation, has been unable to meet the requirements of modern mine management, therefore, it is necessary to make the pump room to achieve automation control. Our company designed and developed the main mine drainage pump automatic monitoring system can solve these problems nicely. 2. Main functions Seven control modes are optional, they are centralized control automatic, centralized control semi-automatic, centralized control manual, local automatic, local semi-automatic, local manual, local maintenance (debugging). Each pump can choose operating modes of running, standby, maintenance, so as to improve the reliability and efficiency of the overall operation of the pump house. The system has the functions of protections and voice alarms, when the conditions of the switch failure, the pump overheating, bearing overheating, motor overheating, pressure drop, flow down, motor overload, valve failure, etc. The system will automatically stop running, and voice will make alarm. The detection function of the system is complete, it can detect the flow rate, water level, water pressure, vacuum, motor temperature, pump temperature, current, voltage, gate valve status and so on. A video image monitoring device is configured to monitor the working state of the field device in real time. The monitoring industrial computer of the ground control room adopts one master, one backup, with 21 inch large screen TFT color LCD display. The operating state, production and mining parameters, faults of the process equipment can be displayed visually. The downhole control machine has a menu-type user interface, and all the protection values can be set by the cursor and the keyboard, and the user can also shield the unnecessary protection function according to the field conditions. The system has functions of history data report, history curve inquiry, history fault record, fault screen, parameter setting, display function and report form printing. The communication interface of the system configuration: Ethernet, PROFIBUS and RS485 interface, easy to network with power monitoring system and all mine automation system. 3. ...
  •  Coal mine underground substation power monitoring system
    Coal mine underground substation power monitoring system
    1. Product description With the acceleration of automation and information construction in coal mine production process, the requirements for scientific management of coal mine power supply system have been raised to a new height. Nowadays, with the improvement of coal mining mechanization, the reliability and rationality of coal mine power supply and distribution system operation become more and more important. Relying on the intelligent integrated protection device of the terminal equipment of the Internet of things, it is necessary to establish a set of perfect power monitoring system to ensure the safe operation of the ground and underground power grid, and realize the peak load shifting and valley filling of power supply, which can bring huge social and economic benefits to the coal mine. A KJ1062-F power monitoring substation is installed in each substation in the mine, and the WTG-200 type microcomputer integrated protector built in the explosion-proof switch in the substation is connected to the network by RS485 bus. The power monitoring substation is after the information is processed, it is uploaded to the ground system host through the industrial Ethernet ring network that has been built underground in the mine, and through the ground monitoring room background system host to realize remote telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, and remote control of the high voltage switch of the underground substation,tuning and other functions. The ground power monitoring and dispatching center is equipped with two sets of redundant power monitoring system software, which are respectively installed on the two redundant upper management computers of the ground power monitoring and dispatching center. The ground power monitoring and dispatching center uses the integrated automation system gigabit industrial Ethernet ring network transmission platform that has been built in the mine for data transmission. 2. Product advantage After full demonstration, the mine power monitoring and control system uses Ethernet as the basis to build a communication network, and adopts a hybrid scheme of fieldbus and broadband network. It adopts a two-level hierarchical distributed network structure, substation equipment adopts RS485 field bus, and broadband network between substations. The network structure adopts the star topology structure based on the hub, the broadband layer of the transmission medium is optical fiber, and the field bus layer is the signal cable. The monitoring system adopts the structure mode of industrial Ethernet plus field bus. The backbone channel is the fiber optic Ethernet ring network that the mine has built. The data of the field equipment is connected to the main transmission system of the backbone ring network through the KJ1062-F power monitoring substation arranged on the site of the substation; RS485 is adopted through the intelligent terminal equipment The field bus method collects the operating status and parameters of the field...
  • Power security management cloud platform
    Power security management cloud platform
    1. Power safety monitoring system Combine "cloud computing" with the power system, integrate the existing resources of the power system to the greatest extent through the power cloud, conduct analogy and analysis, provide the system with "supercomputing" capability, and more accurately realize the functions of power loss analysis and intelligent early warning. At the same time, all kinds of equipment and instruments are shared, and users use them on demand. Each user feels that they are using resources in an exclusive form, but there is no need to buy them. 2. Introduction of power safety management cloud platform The power safety management platform is a new power distribution management platform based on big data, which applies the concept of "Internet plus". The wtq-3000 is a cloud based automation platform for substation and power distribution automation, which can realize the integration of energy management and distribution automation. The overall scheme is divided into: 24-hour remote monitoring scheme Wantai intelligent operation and maintenance platform scheme Local on-line temperature monitoring scheme App mode interface display RDX-910A intelligent information acquisition terminal function configuration (install high-voltage cabinet or low-voltage fixed cabinet) Basic functions: 1. Three phase active power, three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power, three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power, three-phase active power, three-phase reactive power. 2. RS-485 communication 3. 4-way non electric quantity signal input (protection action, circuit breaker status, control circuit disconnection, etc.) 4. 3 sets of opening and closing miniature current transformers (0-5A) WTDQ-350PT collector (installed in high voltage Pt cabinet) Basic function 1. Voltage detection 2. Cable surface temperature monitoring 3. PT cabinet state quantity detection 4. It can detect the arc grounding inside and outside the station 5. It can detect the metal grounding inside and outside the station 6. Ferromagnetic resonance of each frequency of voltage transformer 7. PT disconnection 8. Overvoltage and low voltage alarm WTDQ320 intelligent information acquisition terminal function configuration (installation of high voltage cabinet) Basic functions: 1. Three phase current, three-phase voltage, total active power, reactive power, active kwh, leakage current, power factor, single-phase active power, single-phase reactive power, three-phase current harmonic effective value, three-phase voltage harmonic effective value, etc 2. 6-way non electric quantity signal input (protection action, circuit breaker status, control circuit disconnection, etc.) 3. RS-485 communication 4. Wireless communication transceiver module 5. 3 sets of opening and closing miniature current transformers (0-5A) Optional function 1. Wireless signal receiving module (wireless to RS-485) 2. Wireless temperature measurement 3. Zinc oxide (lightning arrester) wireless monitoring 4. On...
  • Microseismic safety monitoring system
    Microseismic safety monitoring system
    1. Product description Monitoring and imaging system of Wantai microseismic, the microseismic monitoring and imaging product which integrates microseismic monitoring and imaging, data processing, data analysis and early warning is mainly composed of hardware system, software system, data analysis and interpretation system, and early warning system. The system is digital, intelligent and high resolution monitoring system. The real-time waveform data of microseismic events were collected, processed and analyzed by vibration sensor, and the stability of rock mass was monitored by spatial visualization. By capturing the precursor information of rock burst and collapse disaster, obtaining the location, energy and apparent volume of fracture zone, the mechanism of rock mass damage and fracture evolution and the early warning and control of rock burst disaster are studied. Hardware components of microseismic monitoring system,It is composed of microseismic sensor, microseismic data acquisition instrument, equipment power supply system and data transmission system. The microseismic sensor is responsible for collecting high quality waveform signals, and the microseismic data acquisition instrument converts the high quality waveform signals into data signals through a / d. The power supply system ensures the power consumption of the whole system, and the data of the system is transmitted by the data transmission system. 2. Product advantage Hardware system with low background noise (less than 0.2uvrms@2ms) Software system has advanced micro-seismic location algorithm Support microseismic event double difference imaging Supporting acousto-optic early warning for microseismic systems Selection of Multi-type Channel microseismic system (combination), 3/6/12/24 Channel System supports dual system operation, windows,linux system Support customizing to customer needs 3. Application area 1)Coal mine roadway advance detection system with excavation Coal mine roadway is the throat of safety production. It has the characteristics of long length, many construction sites and frequent safety accidents. In the process of roadway excavation, adverse geological bodies in front of the roadway that may cause safety accidents, such as collapse column, water rich zone, gas enrichment area, etc. Roadway accident has become one of the most important threats to coal mine safety production, which seriously endangers coal mine safety production. Therefore, finding out the abnormal geological and fluid distribution in front of the excavation head in advance can make reasonable planning and targeted treatment in advance, and can effectively reduce or even avoid the occurrence of dynamic disasters. 2)Tunnel excavation imaging and safety dynamic monitoring system Tunnel detection can provide the coordinates, shape and water content of adverse geological bodies in front of the work, and can obtain the relevant information of possible disasters such as water inrush, mud inrush, col...
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