• Mine 5G wireless communication system
    Mine 5G wireless communication system
    1. Product overview Coal mine underground communication system is an essential facility for mine safety protection and production scheduling. It is an important part of mine information, intelligence and safety production management. Applying wireless communication system technology to coal mine enterprises, improving the level of underground wireless communication, accelerating the development of underground communication, and building an effective information platform for coal mine safety production, improving production efficiency and improving the management level of enterprises has become an important task for the development of coal mine wireless communication. Due to the poor underground environment, more roadway distribution and more interference signal sources, there are great obstacles to the development of wireless. With the advanced management concept of coal mine and the design concept of unmanned and less populated coal mine, the 5g multi base station wireless communication system of coal mine aims to provide good technical conditions and guarantee for the safety production of coal mine. 2. System function The system is connected to the operator's network, connected to the base station equipment through the operator's transmission network, set up several base stations underground, extend the network in a wireless way, and realize the functions of production scheduling management and information exchange on the well and underground through wireless communication means. The application of 5g technology provides a common platform for coal mine intelligence, positioning, monitoring and management, digital video monitoring and the collection, transmission and comprehensive processing of various underground sensor data, and provides a good application foundation for the integration of voice, positioning, video and data, production scheduling, emergency rescue, safety monitoring and mining enterprise management. The system consists of underground mine flameproof repeater Z1, mine flameproof base station controller, mine flameproof repeater Z2, mine flameproof base station, mine flameproof DC regulated power supply, dispatching console and other equipment. 3. System characteristics 1)The public network and private network share a set of base station system, which has the advantages of simple configuration, convenient debugging and cost saving. 2)Support the connection of wired, 5g, WiFi 6 and other HD cameras, and realize the management applications such as underground video return and safety monitoring. 3)The unique ar glasses configuration greatly improves the pain points of industries such as the failure to effectively supervise the underground maintenance process, the cumbersome machinery of on-site inspection tasks, and the failure to effectively guarantee expert support. 4)The system is equipped with high, medium and low 5g mining intrinsically safe mobile phones to easily realize underground photography, camera, recording, emergency ...
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