Microseismic safety monitoring system Apr 22, 2022

1. Product description

Monitoring and imaging system of Wantai microseismic, the microseismic monitoring and imaging product which integrates microseismic monitoring and imaging, data processing, data analysis and early warning is mainly composed of hardware system, software system, data analysis and interpretation system, and early warning system. The system is digital, intelligent and high resolution monitoring system. The real-time waveform data of microseismic events were collected, processed and analyzed by vibration sensor, and the stability of rock mass was monitored by spatial visualization. By capturing the precursor information of rock burst and collapse disaster, obtaining the location, energy and apparent volume of fracture zone, the mechanism of rock mass damage and fracture evolution and the early warning and control of rock burst disaster are studied.

Hardware components of microseismic monitoring system,It is composed of microseismic sensor, microseismic data acquisition instrument, equipment power supply system and data transmission system. The microseismic sensor is responsible for collecting high quality waveform signals, and the microseismic data acquisition instrument converts the high quality waveform signals into data signals through a / d. The power supply system ensures the power consumption of the whole system, and the data of the system is transmitted by the data transmission system.

2. Product advantage
Hardware system with low background noise (less than 0.2uvrms@2ms)
Software system has advanced micro-seismic location algorithm
Support microseismic event double difference imaging
Supporting acousto-optic early warning for microseismic systems
Selection of Multi-type Channel microseismic system (combination), 3/6/12/24 Channel
System supports dual system operation, windows,linux system
Support customizing to customer needs

3. Application area

1)Coal mine roadway advance detection system with excavation

Coal mine roadway is the throat of safety production. It has the characteristics of long length, many construction sites and frequent safety accidents. In the process of roadway excavation, adverse geological bodies in front of the roadway that may cause safety accidents, such as collapse column, water rich zone, gas enrichment area, etc. Roadway accident has become one of the most important threats to coal mine safety production, which seriously endangers coal mine safety production. Therefore, finding out the abnormal geological and fluid distribution in front of the excavation head in advance can make reasonable planning and targeted treatment in advance, and can effectively reduce or even avoid the occurrence of dynamic disasters.

2)Tunnel excavation imaging and safety dynamic monitoring system

Tunnel detection can provide the coordinates, shape and water content of adverse geological bodies in front of the work, and can obtain the relevant information of possible disasters such as water inrush, mud inrush, collapse and harmful gas in the tunnel in advance, so as to ensure construction safety, improve the efficiency of engineering construction, reduce the construction cycle, avoid the loss of engineering construction disasters, and save capital costs. It has obvious social value and economic benefits.

3)Integrated rockburst warning platform

The system integrates the data of conventional monitoring systems for rockburst hazard monitoring, such as micro earthquake, stress, drilling cuttings and hydraulic prop. Through the joint analysis of a variety of monitoring data, make reasonable prediction and early warning of the hazard situation in the monitoring area to ensure the safety of production.

4)3D imaging system of background noise of underground structure in coal mine

It is the basis of coal exploration, exploration and safe utilization of coal resources. In view of the existing geological factors affecting the efficient and safe mining of coal mine, such as faults, gas enrichment areas, goaf and the fluid in its space, the mining party needs to explore in time and accurately grasp its spatial distribution range, so as to ensure the efficient and safe mining of coal mine.

5)Borehole video intelligent monitoring system

The R & D team of Wantai group and the University of science and technology of China jointly developed a set of one drill one video software system for automatic counting of downhole drill pipes. The system collects the video information of drilling site in real time, intelligently identifies the drill pipe in the video and intelligently counts the lower rod, which liberates the manpower from the boring task of drill pipe counting. It not only accurately counts the number, but also greatly reduces the influence of human factors, and ensures the accuracy of workers' salary calculation and the safe and smooth progress of production.

6)3D imaging system of shallow structure background noise

The system uses dense seismic stations to collect continuous background noise, including low-frequency signals generated by tidal impact on the coast, free oscillation signals inside the earth, coda signals after large earthquakes and ground production activity signals. Through the cross-correlation and superposition processing of station pairs, the basic and high-order surface waves with different frequencies are extracted, so as to determine the three-dimensional shear wave velocity structure from shallow to deep, The three-dimensional shear wave velocity structure plays a very good role in the structure and structural development of underground rock and soil layer, and can accurately predict its spatial position and range.

7)Microseismic monitoring of slope stability

Microseismic monitoring is mainly used to evaluate the generation and development of fractures in slope rock mass and the activation of known or unknown geological structures. Most of the cracks occur in the deep part of the slope, which is difficult to find by conventional monitoring methods. The microseismic technology with the characteristics of three-dimensional overall monitoring divides the potential failure areas according to the temporal and spatial distribution of microseismic events, and can obtain the location, scale, inelastic deformation, compression shear properties and other information of these fractures. The deep inelastic deformation and other anomalies of the slope may be several weeks earlier than the macro displacement of the slope surface. Therefore, microseismic monitoring may realize the early warning of slope instability.

8)High precision imaging system for coal seam gas fracturing reconstruction area

High precision imaging system can optimize the layout of vertical well pattern and reduce the waste of resources caused by too sparse layout and high cost caused by too dense layout. By monitoring the fracture propagation signal in the fracturing process, mastering the geometry and spatial distribution of the fracture, quantitatively analyzing the fracturing effect, judging the fracturing reconstruction volume and reconstruction area, so as to provide guidance for the extraction of coalbed methane and recovery work. Using the monitoring results of this system to obtain fracture information can better guide the fracturing engineering, take effective antireflection measures, and guide the selection of coal seam gas fracturing engineering parameters.

9)Water microseismic monitoring and imaging system

With the rapid development of technologies such as ground three-dimensional earthquake, underground transient electromagnetic, trough wave earthquake and ground horizontal branch hole, China's coal mine water disaster comprehensive prevention and control technology system with the core of ground comprehensive exploration, advanced three-dimensional detection of mining face, underground pre grouting reinforcement of water resisting layer, ground regional treatment and transformation of aquifer, rapid treatment of water inrush and guarantee of super drainage capacity has gradually formed, and in the prevention and control of water inrush disaster The mining area has played an important role in water resources protection.

10)Application of underground gasification of coalbed methane

In the process of underground coal gasification (UCG), the propagation of coal seam crack is an important factor that directly affects the gasification efficiency. An efficient and environmentally friendly underground coal gasification system needs to predict the polluted area very accurately. The micro seismic monitoring and imaging system can monitor the crack development and expansion information around the combustion area in real time and accurately, and prevent the excessive development of cracks by injecting other gases. At the same time, it can monitor the pollution of groundwater, prevent the leakage of polluted gas to the surface and ensure the effective output of gas.

11) Application in the field of tunnel safety

Wantai microseismic monitoring can monitor the generation and development of cracks in the rock body during tunnel excavation, and then warn the disasters such as empty area collapse, rock burst, gas outburst and water permeability of the tunnel, so as to provide guarantee for the safe construction of the tunnel.

12) High precision microseismic monitoring of underground oil and gas reservoir stability

The high-precision microseismic monitoring system can be installed synchronously in the process of oil depot construction, and can monitor and warn the possible rock mass instability (such as large-scale roof fall, collapse, etc.) during the excavation of underground oil depot; Provide guidance for construction optimization such as excavation sequence and sectional blasting; The activation of known or unknown geological structures such as faults caused by the construction and operation of underground oil depots in the area can be evaluated.

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