Mine flameproof and intrinsically safe high voltage vacuum soft starter

High-voltage soft starter is suitable for mines containing explosive gas (methane) and coal dust. In the AC 50Hz voltage of 10kV or 6kV lines, the control methods can be local control, remote control, network control and other control methods, used for high-power motors soft start and soft stop.
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Compared with other similar products, this product has the following characteristics:

Using digital microprocessor to manage data and communication, and adopting signal classification processing and isolation technology, the system has strong anti-interference ability, so that equipment control is real-time efficient and stable;
Trigger control of thyristor adopts Soken protector and advanced optical fiber transmission control technology, which realizes the triggering and detection of high voltage thyristor and the safety isolation between high and low voltage control circuits, with high safety;
Using high-frequency power isolation and transmission technology to provide reliable and safe working power for electronic devices that work in high-voltage parts;
The RC protection system provides static and dynamic voltage equalization technology to ensure the reliable and safe operation of power devices in series under high voltage;
Using electronic EVT (Electronic Voltage Transformer) technology, the signal fiber is isolated and transmitted safely and reliably, without interference and phase shift, which is convenient for high-voltage devices to easily realize system testing with low-voltage;
Pulse collision and skipping function, improve starting torque. Suitable for high static resistance torque system;
Perfect protection function: there are overvoltage, undervoltage, multiple overload protection curves, and undercurrent, phase failure, stall, phase imbalance, phase sequence error, zero-sequence grounding protection and thyristor over-temperature, starting time is too long , starting interval limit, thyristor failure and other protections;
QJGR series mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe high-voltage vacuum soft starters can be simulated and debugged with low-voltage 380V motor before on-site operation, providing technical basis and guarantee for official operation;
The friendly 7-inch Chinese man-machine interface (embedded integrated touch screen) replaces the traditional 3.2-inch LCD screen, making the display more intuitive. Real-time monitoring of equipment status and operating parameters, at the same time, it can also realize fault query to provide necessary real-time data for electrical technical analysis;
Keyboard operation, convenient and fast input;
The control and protection core adopts industrial-grade PLC control;
Using unique soft start and intelligent bypass dual protection;
Application starting curve selection, suitable for various places of use.
6 curves are optional, providing a suitable and gentle starting curve for high-voltage motors;
Using the structure of door opening, guide rail cart and self-pulling damper (the handcart is equipped with mechanical and electrical interlocking mechanisms, and the operation sequence strictly conforms to the "five prevention" requirements, realizing the important safety protection measure of "opening the door and powering off";) Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, use and maintenance, extremely safe, reliable and convenient;
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Mine explosionproof vacuum soft starter
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Mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe vacuum soft starter
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