Mining Explosion-Proof Intrinsically Safe Permanent Magnetic Mechanism High Voltage Vacuum Distribution device

The product is mainly used in coal mine with explosive dangerous gas (methane mixture). The power supply system with rated voltage of 10 kV, 6 kV, rated frequency of 50 Hz and non-direct grounding of three-phase AC neutral point is used to control, measure and protect the power supply system with rated voltage of 10 kV, 6 kV, rated frequency of 50 Hz and non-direct grounding of three-phase AC neutral point.
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Technical Parameters

Rated Voltage
Rated Current
 Rated Frequency
 Rated Short-circuit Breaking Current 
 Rated Short-Circuit Making Current 
 Rated Peak Withstand Current 
 Allowable Operating Frequency 
 Short Circuit Protection Action Time 
 Mechanical Life 
 Dimensions(W*D*H )
 Intrinsic Safety Parameters-Uo
Intrinsic Safety Parameters-Io

Structure Description
1.The equipment shell is rectangular, quick open door structure, movement trolley push-pull structure.
2.The equipment is equipped with an independent small wiring cavity, and the high voltage can be safely connected to the control line without power outage.
3.It has the function of manual closing and manual switching.
4.The movement trolley is pushed forward, the guide can be accurately positioned, the movement car is interchangeable, the consistency is good, and the use is convenient.
Technical advantages and functional characteristics
1. The equipment adopts a bistable permanent-magnet high-voltage fixed-seal type circuit breaker, and the rated breaking current reaches 31.5 KA.
2. The equipment conforms to the five prevention operation rules of the ground switchgear.
3. The motor core trolley adopts intelligent servo control, which can automatically plug in and exit the field servo control car or the ground remote control car.
4. The device WTG-800 high voltage switch microcomputer integrated protection device, using high performance microprocessor as the protection and monitoring core, has strong data processing ability, fast operation speed, stable and reliable operation.
5. The human-computer interaction interface uses a large size Chinese color liquid crystal screen, which can intuitively and clearly reflect the protection parameters of the current system and the running state of the equipment, and the operation is very convenient.
6. It has standard RS485 communication interface, or CAN bus interface, multi-channel optical fiber interface, multi-channel network port, and video interface, provides standard communication protocol, has four remote functions, is convenient to set up field monitoring system, and is convenient to realize ground centralized detection and monitoring; it can set up distance and near control parameters, control far and near, lock each other between far and near software and hardware, etc., to realize the unattended substation.
7. Multi-point wireless temperature measurement control, multi-point arrangement of important temperature measuring point sensors, digital display monitoring, and alarm.
8. Video images of isolated fracture surface of equipment trolley can be observed on the ground and underground, and real-time monitoring operation can be carried out.
9. It has the protection function of current anti-overstepping stage.
10. Support double-circuit power supply. When the switch is powered off, the other one is automatically put into operation. The equipment can still perform servo operation.
11. The equipment can measure active power and reactive power electroplating in stages, and distinguish between high, peak, flat and valley.
12. The function of voltage loss delay tripping can be selected to avoid large area power outage and gas overrun accident when the mine power grid is out of power at the moment of failure or lightning strike.
13. Optional heating dehumidification function
14. Detailed fault parameters can be displayed, recorded, and queried to help with use and maintenance.
15. With front door analog fault test function.
16. Selective input and shutdown of the protection function.
17. Random fine tuning of measurement parameter error and calibration function.
18. Remote control intrinsically safe operation circuit .

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We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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