Automatic monitoring system of pressure fan Apr 21, 2022

1. System introduction

High pressure air is an important power source of underground excavation equipment and coal preparation equipment in coal mine. The stability of air pressure is an important guarantee for the efficient and safe operation of the equipment. If the air pressure is too low, the equipment will not work normally. If the air pressure is too high, the gas transmission pipeline will be broken, air leakage and unsafe gas equipment will be caused. Since the working mode of the air compressor is continuous and the gas consuming equipment is intermittent and intermittent, the air compressor needs to operate continuously to ensure the stable gas supply of the gas supply equipment. Generally, multiple units work in parallel, resulting in the increase of power consumption and maintenance cost of air compressor, resulting in energy waste.

At the same time, too high wind pressure is very easy to cause pipeline damage and great potential safety hazards. The automatic monitoring system of air compressor is adopted to realize automatic regulation and closed-loop control of pipeline pressure and air compressor, so as to ensure the stable gas supply of gas consuming equipment, and ensure the operation safety of field equipment and gas transmission pipeline and personnel safety.

The distributed automatic control system is composed of advanced industrial computer, programmable controller, intelligent instrument, data communication technology and various intelligent sensors, which realizes the combination of centralized control and decentralized control. The control system consists of four layers: management layer, operation layer, control layer and field equipment. The management layer and operation layer adopt dual computer hot standby and dual communication redundancy technology, and adopt the communication mode of equipment network, industrial redundant Ethernet, LAN and modbus485 network to form an integrated network structure of management and control. The management and the enterprise management station form a high-speed LAN to provide decision-making information for managers.

2. System function

Data acquisition and display function
1) Real time acquisition and display of working condition parameters and curves such as cylinder pressure at all levels, cylinder temperature at all levels, cooling water temperature at all levels, lubricating oil temperature, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature and bearing shaft temperature of pressure fan.
2) Monitor the operation of cooling water system and lubrication system, and monitor the pressure, flow data and curve.
3) Real time acquisition and display of three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor and other electrical parameters and curves of motor operation.
4) Real time display of switching value data and status of circuit breaker, fan start and stop, etc.
5) Real time display of various alarm information of fan and motor.

Protection function
1) Motor protection: it has the protection functions of overcurrent, quick break, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, short circuit, input phase loss, motor overheating, locked rotor, under load, long start, motor phase loss, grounding fault, Pt line break alarm and so on.
2) Pressure fan protection: with water and oil cut-off protection and over temperature protection.
3) System protection: it has the functions of communication failure, preventing misoperation and illegal operation.
4) Overrun and fault data are automatically monitored and alarmed, with animated images, text windows and sound prompts.

Control function
1) Local control: local manual control can be carried out; Local remote control operation can be realized by monitoring the master station.
2) Remote control: users with authority can realize remote control operation through industrial Ethernet.
3) Remote setting: users with authority can remotely set various operation setting values of the fan.
4) Timing switching and automatic fault switching function: programmable timing switching and automatic fault switching function.
5) Priority control: with manual electric automatic remote control, different priority sequence setting and locking; When the remote control fails, the system can automatically switch to automatic control.
6) It has maintenance control and protection mode.

Historical data query function
1) It can query and count historical start and stop records, historical alarm and fault event records, user operation records and setting records.
2) The historical operating condition parameters of the fan and the historical operating electrical parameters of the motor can be queried.
3) It can call to query the automatic online wave recording in case of fault tripping.

Multilevel user rights and network security
1) The viewing, operation setting and setting permissions of different users can be set.
2) Different users can be set to receive alarm content.
3) The user with remote control authority is controlled by the client to prevent illegal control operations.
4) Multi level password verification is adopted to prevent malicious operation of illegal users.

Network function
1) Provide the communication interface of digital information platform to realize the data sharing of the system.
2) Provide web server, which can remotely browse and query various real-time data of fan operation.
3) It has the functions of network self diagnosis and self recovery.

System self detection and redundancy function
1) Node equipment communication failure and equipment abnormal operation alarm.
2) Dual machine hot standby and standby machine working alarm.
3) Automatically shield the illegal operation and misoperation of users.

3. System characteristics
1) Automatically start and stop the number of air compressors according to the peak and trough periods of gas consumption, and reasonably adjust the air supply to meet the needs of gas consumption equipment; The energy-saving effect has been significantly improved.
2) Carry out information management on the equipment to make the equipment operate in the best state, improve the operation efficiency of the equipment and reduce the amount of maintenance.
3) The compressor room realizes unattended and fully automatic operation
4) The PLC master station can communicate with the PLC on the operation panel of each pressure fan to realize linkage control.
5) It has the function of operating the distribution cabinet of each pressure fan such as the incoming cabinet, and can detect the current and voltage on each switch cabinet.
6) The operation is simple and easy to learn. All operations can be completed by using the mouse. Non professional personnel can be proficient in the operation of the system after short-term training.
7) The simulation animation real-time simulation monitors the internal / external operation status of the pressure fan room, and there are many kinds of charts, curves and so on to display the operation parameters and operation trend of the pressure fan.
8) All products are of industrial grade design with strong anti-interference ability, which can meet the requirements of on-site industrial environment.
9) The open protocol interface can be connected to the mine industrial Ethernet to realize data sharing and remote operation.

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