Mine personnel precise positioning system Feb 23, 2022

1. Product description

The mine personnel precise positioning system is a new generation of personnel positioning system specially designed for the mine. The system adopts a kind of carrier free communication technology and uses the non sine wave narrow pulse from nanosecond to microsecond to transmit data. Compared with other mining positioning technology, the system has the unique advantages of high positioning accuracy, strong anti-interference performance, high transmission rate, large system capacity, small transmission power and so on.

2. System composition

The system is mainly composed of ground central station monitoring host and software, communication cable or optical cable, mine flameproof and intrinsic safety power box, mine intrinsic safety network switch, positioning base station and lightning arrester.

The monitoring management software processes, displays and provides printing function for data. The mining intrinsic safety network switch constructs communication transmission network through network electric port or optical port and connects positioning base station, monitoring host and other equipment; the power box provides intrinsic safety power for mining intrinsic safety switch and positioning base station; the positioning base station will collect and calculate data through mining intrinsic safety exchange The machine is uploaded to the ground center station; the identification card is worn on the staff to identify and locate the staff.

3. Product advantage

1) Adopt wireless two-way communication ranging and positioning technology (UWB positioning)
2) The personnel identification card adopts UWB technology to realize wireless transmission
3) The effective coverage area radius of positioning base station signal shall not be less than 400m in open and unobstructed environment

4) It integrates the functions of mine personnel positioning, attendance, management, alarm call, data collection, etc
5) Adopt TCP / IP Ethernet (RS485 bus optional) + optical fiber transmission, long communication distance, stable and reliable performance
6) The system architecture can be extended through Ethernet
7) The portable identification card is small, light and easy to carry. It can be placed on the helmet, belt and miner’s lamp rope or integrated in the miner’s lamp.

4. Service characteristics
1. System Patrol time: less than 1s
2. Transmission error rate: ≤ 5 × 10-8
3. System capacity: the system network structure can be extended to access more positioning base stations; identification cards ≤ 6500
4. Recognition speed: ≥ 5m / S
5. Number of concurrent identification: > 80
6. Missing reading rate: ≤ 10-4
7. Data transmission:
a) Transmission rate: typical Ethernet rate 100Mbps
b) Transmission medium: network cable or optical fiber
c) Maximum transmission distance:
Between intrinsically safe switches: 10km
Between intrinsically safe switch and positioning base station: 10km
Between the positioning base station and the radio identification card: 400m (open and unobstructed)
8. Cable
a) Ground monitoring center host to switch: mine computer communication cable (network cable)
b) Intrinsically safe switch to positioning base station: mine computer communication cable (network cable) or optical cable
c) The cables used for underground equipment in the system have flame retardant performance, explosion-proof certificate and Ma mark
9. Power box capacity:
a) Input: 127V /
b) Output: 2 circuits, 12V 1000mA
10. Software operation environment: Windows2000 / XP / 2003 / win7

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