Mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe vacuum soft starter

The soft starter is suitable for coal mines containing explosive gas (methane) and coal dust.In an AC 50Hz, voltage 1140V or 660V, neutral ungrounded power supply system, various forms of soft start (such as current clipping, voltage ramp and power torque ramp) are performed on three-phase squirrel-cage motors with currents up to 200A and 400A.The controller also has the perfect protection function and the fault display function, greatly reduces the time of troubleshooting.

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Mining explosion-proof and intrinsically safe low voltage AC vacuum soft starter (hereinafter referred to as soft starter) is a product independently developed by our company.It adopts advanced microprocessor and power electronic control technology, realizes the soft start of AC motor, eliminates mechanical and electrical shock to the maximum extent, prolongs the service life of equipment, and is an ideal replacement product of hydraulic coupler and other motor starting equipment.It has the characteristics of advanced technology, safe and reliable work, easy maintenance, big starting torque and long service life, and its technical performance has reached the international advanced level.


Liquid crystal screen display.

Online protection monitoring

The parameters of panel adjustable.

RS485series communication function.

      3.Model composition and significance

      4. Explosion-proof typeMining explosion-proof         

       Explosion-proof signExdⅠMb

  5. Specification

Rated working voltageAC 1140V660V

Rated working current:(400A10A630A,(200A10A500AThe current setting step size is 1A.

At rated voltage 1140Vη*cosφ=0.75 by the control motor maximum power of:(400A590kW;(200A296kW

At rated voltage660Vη*cosφ=0.75  by the control motor maximum power of:(400A340kW;(200A171kW

Control circuit voltageDC12V

Maximum current overload multiple during soft start: adjustable below 8 times

Rated frequency50Hz

Soft starting time1300s;(Since the internal silicon controlled of the soft starter is naturally cooled, the soft starting time is generally set between 6 ~ 15s to avoid damage caused by the silicon controlled heating for a long time!

Starting interval: no more than 12 times per hour

Jump start pulse time: 0 ~ 10s.

Jump-start pulse current: 100 ~ 800%.

Current limit0.58Ie

Starting voltage0100%Ue

Typed of coolingNatural cooling

Communication modeRS485 serial communications

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