Mine 5G wireless communication system Apr 29, 2022

1. Product overview

Coal mine underground communication system is an essential facility for mine safety protection and production scheduling. It is an important part of mine information, intelligence and safety production management. Applying wireless communication system technology to coal mine enterprises, improving the level of underground wireless communication, accelerating the development of underground communication, and building an effective information platform for coal mine safety production, improving production efficiency and improving the management level of enterprises has become an important task for the development of coal mine wireless communication. Due to the poor underground environment, more roadway distribution and more interference signal sources, there are great obstacles to the development of wireless. With the advanced management concept of coal mine and the design concept of unmanned and less populated coal mine, the 5g multi base station wireless communication system of coal mine aims to provide good technical conditions and guarantee for the safety production of coal mine.

2. System function

The system is connected to the operator's network, connected to the base station equipment through the operator's transmission network, set up several base stations underground, extend the network in a wireless way, and realize the functions of production scheduling management and information exchange on the well and underground through wireless communication means. The application of 5g technology provides a common platform for coal mine intelligence, positioning, monitoring and management, digital video monitoring and the collection, transmission and comprehensive processing of various underground sensor data, and provides a good application foundation for the integration of voice, positioning, video and data, production scheduling, emergency rescue, safety monitoring and mining enterprise management. The system consists of underground mine flameproof repeater Z1, mine flameproof base station controller, mine flameproof repeater Z2, mine flameproof base station, mine flameproof DC regulated power supply, dispatching console and other equipment.

3. System characteristics
1)The public network and private network share a set of base station system, which has the advantages of simple configuration, convenient debugging and cost saving.
2)Support the connection of wired, 5g, WiFi 6 and other HD cameras, and realize the management applications such as underground video return and safety monitoring.
3)The unique ar glasses configuration greatly improves the pain points of industries such as the failure to effectively supervise the underground maintenance process, the cumbersome machinery of on-site inspection tasks, and the failure to effectively guarantee expert support.
4)The system is equipped with high, medium and low 5g mining intrinsically safe mobile phones to easily realize underground photography, camera, recording, emergency dispatching, audio and video communication applications.
5)The system base station is connected by all optical cables, which can be connected to the ring network nearby or self-organized ring network (10 Gigabit access). Compared with competitive products, the base station is smaller and lighter.

4. Introduction to network equipment

KT639 (5G) - Z1 mine flameproof repeater

PTN: it takes packet service as the core and supports multi service provision to realize connection oriented packet forwarding and transmission functions.
The overall structure of repeater consists of data plane, relay plane and management plane.
Support carrier Ethernet, time division multiplexing and IP service bearer.
Power supply: rated voltage: 127vac working current: ≤ 8A * 2
Optical emission power: (- 15 ~ 0) dBm
Size: 748 * 643 * 313mm
Weight: about 210 kg

KT639 (5G) - K mine flameproof base station controller

BBU: baseband processing unit, uplink and downlink data baseband processing, modulation, demodulation, encoding and decoding signal transmission functions, uplink transmission, downlink rhub signaling processing, resource management and operation and maintenance functions 1bbu with 4rhub
Power supply: a) rated voltage: 127vac b) working current: ≤ 8A
Optical emission power: (- 15 ~ 0) dBm
Size: 748 * 643 * 313mm
Weight: about 210kg

T639 (5G) - Z2 mine flameproof repeater

The repeater Z2 is used in cooperation with the controller and the base station to support 5g coverage reception, and the downlink data sent by the controller is forwarded to each base station, and the uplink data of multiple base stations is forwarded to the controller
The built-in Poe power supply circuit supplies power to the base station through Poe
Repeater Z2 mainly includes high-speed interface module, CPRI data prcessing unit and Poe power supply unit
Weight: about 150 kg
Power supply: input voltage: 127vac
Size: 748 * 585 * 260mm

KT639 (5G) - F mine flameproof and intrinsically safe base station

Prru: RF remote unit, 5g signal covers the baseband data of transceiver, and realizes the communication with BBU, antenna feed RF signal amplification, filtering, analog-to-digital / analog conversion
Coverage distance: 200m (unobstructed)
Working voltage: 127vac
Working frequency band: 1800MHz / 2600mhz
Number of CPRI interfaces: 1
Operating temperature: - 5 ° C ~ + 55 ° C
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% RH
Working pressure: 70kpa ~ 106kpa
Size: 350 * 250 * 220mm
Weight: About 45kg

KZC127 (5G) mine flameproof and intrinsically safe signal converter

Support 5g and WiFi 6 wireless networks, compatible with 4glte all Netcom, 4 pairs of external 4G / 5G antennas and 2 WiFi antennas
It has the functions of self diagnosis and fault indication; It has the functions of power supply, working state and communication state indication
Working voltage: 127VAC

Gigabit optical port:
a) Number of interfaces: 2
b) Transmission mode: TCP / IP full duplex (single mode 1310nm)
c) Transmission rate: 1000Mbps
d) Optical emission power: (- 15 ~ 0) dBm
e) Maximum transmission distance: 10km

Gigabit network port:
a) Number of interfaces: 8
b) Transmission mode: TCP / IP full duplex
c) Transmission rate: 1000Mbps
Size: 360 * 355 * 170mm
Weight: About 20kg

KDW127/48B mining flameproof DC regulated power supply

AC input power supply: 127V / 50Hz
Rated output power: 800W
Rated output voltage: DC 48 ± 10%V
Rated working current: 16A
Standby power supply function in case of AC power failure, the standby battery will be automatically put into operation immediately
The standby power supply is composed of five 140000mah Ni MH batteries in series, each with a capacity of 1.2 V / 14 ah, four battery packs, and a total of 72V / 14Ah battery packs
Conversion time: ≤ 10ms
Size: 498 * 265 * 220mm
Weight: About 150kg

5. Introduction of application equipment of mine wireless communication system

KT639(5G)-S mining intrinsically safe mobile phone

Camera pixels: 40 megapixels + 40 megapixels + 8 megapixels
Pixel resolution: FHD + 2400
Rated working voltage: DC 3.7V
Screen material: amled
Screen size: 6.55 inches
Network system: all Netcom, supporting 4G and 5g networks
Weight: 185g
Size: 158.1 × seventy-three point one × 8.8mm
Memory: 8 + 128G
Extended storage: nm memory card, up to 256gb
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Support NFC
WiFi: dual band WiFi, supporting WiFi

KT639(5G)-S1 mining intrinsically safe mobile phone

Camera pixels: 48 million pixels + 8 million pixels + 2 million pixels + 2 million pixels
Resolution: FHD + 2400x1080 pixels
Rated working voltage: DC 3.7V
Screen material: OLED
Screen size: 6.55 inches
Network system: all Netcom, supporting 4G and 5g networks
Weight: 185g
Mobile phone size: 160x75 4x8. 6mm
Memory: 8 + 128G
Extended storage: nm memory card, up to 256gb
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Support NFC
WiFi: dual band WiFi, supporting WiFi 6

KT639(5G)-S2 mining intrinsically safe mobile phone

Pixel: 4 megapixels + 20 megapixels
Shooting features: auto focus, face recognition, continuous shooting function, HDR
Rated working voltage: DC 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
WiFi (WLAN): support WiFi, 2.4g/5g dual band
IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax
Positioning system: support GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo,
Type: multi-point, capacitive, touch screen
Screen size: 6.67 inches
Screen resolution: 2400 × 1080 FHD+
Screen material: AMOLED
Network system: support 4G and 5g networks
Weight: 213g memory: 8 + 128G
Size: 163.3 × seventy-five point four × 9.1mm

Mine intrinsic safety 5g / WiFi 6 camera

Pixels: 8 million / 12 million pixels
Lens: 2.8- 12mm@F1.2
Sensor type: 1 / 1.8 "progressive scan CMOS
Day night conversion mode: ICR infrared filter
Rated working voltage: DC 12V
Support 5g / WiFi 6 wireless communication
Support anomaly detection, face capture and intelligent lighting
Support road monitoring, smart events, line crossing counting and intelligent alarm

Mine intrinsically safe AR glasses

The industry's first head (helmet) hybrid reality ar glasses
Binocular diffractive optical waveguide display technology
5g, WiFi 6, Bluetooth communication module
Full voice control, hands free
Digital operation and maintenance
Intelligent patrol
Remote expert collaboration
AI identification
Intelligent temperature measurement

Typical application scenarios:

Remote real-time control of production
The characteristic of 5g low delay provides basic support for solving the problem of production real-time control, and the full-function remote control on the well based on 5g will be realized.

Underground remote cooperative operation and maintenance
In the future, the intelligent degree of underground equipment will be higher and higher, and the system will be more and more complex. It is difficult for traditional maintenance workers to complete the maintenance work independently, which needs the assistance of remote experts. The on-site audio and video information can be transmitted to the remote end through 5g network, and the relevant virtual models can also be virtualized to the on-site equipment. Through virtual reality technology, the same field of view and operation of experts and on-site workers can be realized, and even robots can be used to replace people to complete maintenance underground.

5G based virtual interactive application
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are revolutionary technologies that can completely subvert the traditional human-computer interaction content, and their application in coal mines can be expected in the future. Its application can be divided into three stages: ① it is mainly used for 3D modeling and virtual display, such as current naked eye 3D and other technologies. Its basic requirements are 20 Mbps bandwidth + 50 ms delay. ② It is mainly used for interactive simulation and visual design, such as multi person underground training system. Its basic requirement is 40 Mbps bandwidth + 20 ms delay. ③ It is mainly used for hybrid reality, cloud real-time rendering and virtual real integration control, such as virtual mining, collaborative operation and maintenance, etc. its basic requirements are 100 Mbps ~ 10Gbps bandwidth + 2 ms delay requirements, which can be met only with 5g or more advanced technology.

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