FQ Series Mining Pneumatic Press in Axial Flow Local Fan

The working time of underground coal bunker, water bunker, equipment chamber and other works in the coal mine is short. If the electric fan is used to connect the power and arrange the fan, it is very troublesome, time-consuming and labor-consuming. According to this situation, the company has developed FQ series mine pneumatic press in axial flow local fan, which is suitable for short-distance air supply during coal bunker, water bunker maintenance and roadway excavation.
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Mine Hydrodynamic Dust Remover is suitable for dust reduction of coal mining surface shearer, dust reduction of roadway roadheader, slurry dust reduction of roadway, dust reduction of mining surface crusher, dust reduction of belt conveyor head, coal drop point and so on. Mine Hydrodynamic Dust Remover does not need electric energy, and uses underground static pressure water to drive the fan in the device to rotate so as to achieve the effect of dust reduction. After a long period of repeated testing in many places, the dust reduction effect is obvious, which can better protect the health of the saf near the dust source.
2.Principle of spray dust reduction
Generally speaking, the mechanism of spray dust reduction is inertia collision, gravity settlement, interception and diffusion trapping. The liquid particles ejected from the spray collide with the solid dust particles in inertia, which makes the dust particles moist, self-weight increased and settled in the process of inertia condensation, which is called gravity settlement.In addition, because the flow line cannot be turned, when the flow of dust particles to carry the movement of water mist particles and not far from the fog particles will start around the flow of water mist movement. In the air flow, the coarse particles of dust will move in the direction of droplets because of inertial action. If the quality of the dust particles is not taken into account, the dust particles will be synchronized with the air flow. Because of the volume of dust particles, when the distance between the streamline and the water fog particles is less than the radius of the dust particles, the dust particles will be intercepted in contact with the water droplets, so that the dust particles are attached to the water fog, which is the effect of interception and dust trapping.
3.Brief introduction of Mine Hydrodynamic Dust Remover
The dust reducing device provided by shearer and roadheader can not achieve the best effect. The general dust reducing equipment needs power supply and the installation workload is heavy. After many years of working experience, the product is designed with light weight and no electricity, which can better protect the health of the staff.

Mine Hydrodynamic Dust Duppressor is used for dust reduction in fully mechanized mining face, driving face, belt conveyor transfer point and other dust environment. The device does not need electric energy, and uses underground static pressure water to drive the fan in the device to rotate 80 as to achieve the role of dust cleaning and dust reduction. Because the mine hydrostatic water is all sewage, with hate alkaline and corrosive, SO the device is all stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials.

4.Equipment Parameters


Air Volume




Air Supply Pressure


Air consumption




Impeller Diameter




FQ№4.0 140 450 0.5~0.7


1500 Φ365
190 300 0.5~0.7


1500 Φ462
260 300 0.5~0.7


1400 Φ560

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