Frequency Inverter for Coal Mine

Application: this product is applied to soft starting, soft stopping, operation process control and energy-saving application of motor in harsh environment such as coal mine, other mines, petroleum and chemical industry.
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Frequency Inverter for Coal Mine
1. Application
This product is applied to soft starting, soft stopping, operation process control and energy-saving application of motor in harsh environment such as coal mine, other mines, petroleum and chemical industry. It is especially suitable for supplying frequency conversion speed regulation control for underground winch, belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, coal feeder, fan, local fan, water pump, pressure fan and emulsion pump.

2.Product advantage
Small starting current, small impact on the grid
Economical operation
Obvious energy saving effect
Process control adjustment and optimization
Rich communication interface
Small size, heat pipe cooling, easy installation
Modular structure for easy maintenance
Simple control operation
Excellent synchronization function, easy to achieve multi-drive power balance
Smooth starting speed, large starting torque and reliable operation
To prevent damage to components when their life is damaged
The 7/10-inch display shows that the "commissioning navigation system" and "maintenance navigation system" are built in, so that users can debug and repair the work by themselves; and set the component "life alarm system" to issue an alarm when the component is near the end of its service life.

3. Technical parameters

Rated input characteristics


Overload capability

Voltage fluctuation:±15% Frequency fluctuation:±10%

Rated output characteristics

150% Rated current 60s;200%Rated current 10s

Main control

Control mode

Torque control, vector control or V/F control

Slip compensation

Automatic slip compensation range:0-150%

Acceleration time

VF control:0.5-3000.0s

Vector control:0.00--3000:0s

Deceleration time

VF control:0.5-3000.0s

Vector control:0.00--3000:0s

Carrier frequency

1.0 - 16.0KHz

Starting torque


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We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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