Mine Explosion Proof Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phone Coal Mine Telephone

This product uses computer chips, with software modulation and programming functions, adding 15 adjustable channels. Working in 144MHz ~ 166MHz frequency band, the transmitting power can be adjusted from 0.3W to 1.2W. The sensitivity of receiving is higher. It has the function of anti-interference of mute audio, which makes the communication effect clearer and the working performance more stable, safe and reliable. Handheld station is an extension of mine leakage communication system, which is used by underground mobile personnel.
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Technical Parameters

Rated operating voltage:DC7.2V        
Transmitter operating current:≤1.2A
Launch frequency:144MHz~166MHz Adjustable 
Working frequency:144MHz~166MHz
Adjustable frequency tolerance:≤5x10³                    
Receiving sensitivity: :≤0.3μV
Carrier output power: 0.3W ~ 1.2W adjustable          
Audio distortion:≤5%
Modulation sensitivity:≤25mV                      
Audio output power:≤1W
Continuous Modulated Audio Distortion:≤5%                 
Standby current:≤150Ma
Modulation limits:≤7.5kHz                       

Receiver operating current:≤500mA

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