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Independent research and development: Wantai special combination switch, re-innovation


Wantai’s independent research and development, the country’s first dedicated combination switch, a new generation of mining controller KHP395-Z integrating “feeding, starting, lighting, and intrinsic safety”, comes out of the mining belt conveyor protection control device (host).

At this stage, centralized control devices generally use small and medium-sized integrated circuits and a large number of discrete devices. The system structure is complex, the control and adjustment are inconvenient, the failure risk is high, and the market situation is extremely severe. In addition, user demand for products is further upgraded, and “breakthrough” innovation is imperative.

The KHP395-Z mining belt conveyor protection and control device (host) developed by Wantai this time is the result of deep market cultivation and customer demand.

As the first new generation mine controller independently developed by Wantai in China, KHP395-Z mining belt conveyor protection and control device (host) integrates feed switch, belt main drive, tension winch control, brake control, winding machine control and lighting power supply, and its main performance parameters and control technology are comparable to the cutting-edge technology.

·High reliability:With PLC as the core control unit, it has a strong anti-interference ability to ensure that the control system works stably and reliably, and the collected data is true and effective. It is especially suitable for the operation under dangerous and harsh environmental conditions (such as dangerous places of gas and dust explosion).

·Human machine interface:The 7-inch Chinese display is embedded in the computer, and the working state, fault location and fault nature of the controlled equipment can be directly displayed, and the operation is convenient, which can meet the requirements of various complex control sites.

·Unattended:It has the functions of telemetry, remote signaling, remote control and remote regulation, and can automatically complete the whole detection process without the need of personnel.

·Strong communication capability:The reserved TCP / IP interface can be connected with RS485 communication module, industrial Ethernet module and other communication modes to form a multi-level remote communication network with strong anti-interference ability.

·Small size, light weight:Hardware modularization, compact structure, small space occupation, easy installation, debugging, maintenance, replacement, conducive to long-distance transportation and equipment downhole.

·Wide range of application:The program can be customized according to the different needs of the site, which can greatly shorten the project period.

·Perfect protection function:In addition to the common protection functions of belt conveyor, it also has many functions such as language warning, parameter setting, etc.

With the launch of new products, Wantai has made another journey in the journey of wisdom mine.

Solve the “pain point” of the market and grasp the “itchy point” of customers.

Keep pace with the times and Reform.

Facing the future, Wantai is confident.