Intelligent, efficient and low-carbon leader ——Wantai appears at China International Coal Mining Exhibition Oct 30, 2021
On October 26, 2021, the 19th China International Coal Mining Technology Exchange and equipment exhibition was grandly held in China International Exhibition Center (new pavilion).

As the only overall solution service provider for intelligent mine construction of management and control cloud platform + intelligent subsystem + communication + intelligent terminal in China, Wantai group appeared with new technologies and products to show the guests the industry experience and technological innovation practice of Wantai group in the mining field for many years.

Smart mine management and control cloud platform and molecular system

The smart mine management and control cloud platform provides a cloud platform based on the industrial Internet, integrates various subsystems of the mine, realizes the intelligent mining of coal unmanned (few people) mining and disaster prevention and control, and provides a set of effective management scheme for the transformation of coal enterprises in the future.

Intelligent coal mine construction products / systems under the platform, such as intelligent control of main fan, intelligent coal flow transportation, intelligent control of pressure fan, intelligent washing and beneficiation, and driverless rail motor vehicle, attracted the attention of exhibitors and visitors to stop for consultation.

AR intelligent inspection instrument

AR intelligent patrol inspection instrument attracts exhibitors to experience, interact and communicate.

AR intelligent patrol inspection instrument adopts binocular diffraction optical waveguide display technology and full voice interaction. It has the functions of digital operation and maintenance, intelligent patrol inspection, remote expert cooperation, AI recognition and intelligent temperature measurement. It is suitable for a variety of scenarios in underground coal mines. It can predict and warn the equipment operation faults in underground patrol inspection, and greatly improve the pain points of industries such as ineffective supervision in underground maintenance process.

Variable frequency permanent magnet drive system

The variable frequency permanent magnet drive system is a series of green, environment-friendly, energy-saving and efficient products, with an energy-saving rate of more than 10%, stable performance and less noise. It can adapt to more complex and harsh working conditions, reduce cost and increase efficiency. It is the first choice for green intelligent mines.

5G mine wireless communication system

WiFi 6 wireless communication and precise positioning fusion system

5G mining wireless communication system is connected to the operator's network, and the base station equipment is connected through SPN transmission ring network. Several base stations are set up underground as required to extend the network in a wireless way. Through wireless communication means, the functions of production scheduling management and information exchange on and underground are realized.

The application of 5G terminal provides a common platform for coal mine intelligence, positioning monitoring management, digital video monitoring and the collection, transmission and comprehensive processing of various underground sensor data, and provides a good application foundation for the integration of voice, positioning, video and data, as well as production scheduling, emergency rescue, safety monitoring and mining enterprise management.

WiFi 6 wireless communication and precise positioning fusion system is based on WiFi 6 base station or WiFi 6 + UWB fusion base station. It supports WiFi 6 and UWB protocols. Relying on the coal mine industrial ring network, combined with SIP call and UWB precise positioning server, it realizes voice and video call services, precise positioning management functions, WiFi data and network exchange services, and meets the requirements of coal mine wireless communication, monitoring, positioning management, command and dispatching.

Solution of mine safety monitoring system
Wantai microseismic laboratory was jointly established with China University of science and technology. The team independently developed microseismic monitoring, identification and positioning and CT imaging algorithms with completely independent intellectual property rights, which is at the international leading level.

At present, it is widely used in the fields of rock burst in mines, water prevention in coal mines, advance detection of tunnel excavation in coal mines, and monitoring of mud and water inrush in tunnel excavation.

Promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of mines; Participate in the formulation of multiple industry standards; Work with China Mobile and Huawei to help the mining industry plug in 5g "wings" to accelerate its progress and jointly move towards a new era of smart mining

With its profound accumulation in the field of intelligent coal industry, Wantai is cooperating with all parties to create an overall solution service for intelligent mine construction.

The future can be expected to be wonderful and never end.

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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