Go ahead with you and succeed with you. The 24th anniversary of the founding of Wantai and the medal ceremony Jul 01, 2022
Today is Wantai's 24th birthday
More than 20 years of growth
From a young start-up to today's maturity
Generation after generation, Wantai people

With unremitting efforts

Created countless exciting glories

Stick to the production line and be diligent for more than 20 years
Continuous innovation and research and development to overcome technical problems
Not afraid of wind and rain, not afraid of danger
Forge ahead
Wantai people practice the enterprise mission with action
How lucky to have you all the way

24 years of excellence and youth
Passion burning, pursuit of excellence
"Let Wantai become an example"
It is the most passionate struggle declaration of Wantai people from generation to generation
They use youth and sweat
Determined to compose the spirit of Wantai
Plan a better future with responsibility
Pay tribute to the striver who accompanies Wantai
Start again in the new year

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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