What? With one button,the loading task can be easily realized? Jul 01, 2022

What does it do?

Coal loading, weighing, driving out of the park
No one intervenes
Make smooth reading
Loading site
Full of scientific and technological style
Display intelligent style

With one button, the system starts to load automatically, easily realizing the loading task, which greatly simplifies the vehicle loading process.

The system composition

The picture shows the automatic loading system of Jikuang logistics park built by Wantai. The system includes five parts: metering device, intelligent control, vehicle recognition, voice broadcasting and automatic shooting. It has become an important part of intelligent logistics in Jikuang logistics park, helping Jikuang logistics park to promote the reform of traditional loading and obtain cost advantages.

Why choose it?

More than 20 years of solid progress has made Wantai products repeatedly praised in the project. It comes from——

Before R & D: continue to conduct "relatively real" Research on the origin of the project, clearly grasp the real needs of each customer, and provide them with the best solutions.

In research and development: continuously collect product adaptability problems, pay attention to customer experience, product performance, efficiency.

After putting into use: professional and exclusive service guarantee brought by the professional after-sales team - the response time of technical service within 1 hour is promised. In case of emergency failure, make substantive response and provide emergency strategies within 12 hours after receiving the notice.

Going deep into the front line of the market, understanding customer needs, and providing customers with safer, more energy-saving and more efficient systematic solutions are Wantai's consistent product development strategy. In the future, Wantai will adhere to the "high-quality products and all-round services" to escort the production of customers!

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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