Let's show you what a smart mine is!And how to build it? Jun 24, 2022

What is a smart mine? What problems can it solve?

Smart mine refers to the deep integration of Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, automatic control, industrial Internet, robotic equipment, etc. With modern mine development technology based on the intelligent concept of modern coal mines, to form a complete intelligent system with comprehensive mine perception, real-time interconnection, analysis and decision-making, autonomous learning, dynamic prediction and collaborative control, so as to realize mine development, mining, transportation, sorting, safety guarantee Intelligent operation in the whole process of ecological protection and production management.

Generally speaking, smart mines and traditional coal mines are like smart phones and ordinary mobile phones, smart cars (driverless) and traditional cars. Taking unmanned driving as an example, informatization can be realized through "map + planning + prediction" combined with "big data platform + artificial intelligence", and intelligent driving can be realized through "control + positioning" combined with "machine learning + simulation training". Smart coal mine also develops and applies various new technologies on the basis of existing coal mines, and constantly develops and improves new concepts to realize intelligent coal mine.

Knowing what is a smart mine, how to build it?

The Internet of things based on Internet + is the information highway of smart coal mine. It will undertake the task of stable and reliable transmission of big data, play the role of accurate and timely uploading and releasing, and determine the overall stability and reliability of the smart coal mine system. Therefore, the Internet of things platform of smart coal mine must have the characteristics of accurate positioning, collaborative management and control, integrated management and control and geographic information integration.

Several systems of smart mine

Smart mine 5g+wifi wireless communication solution

Belt monitoring system

Electric control system of mine hoist

(5G) mine wireless communication system

Personnel positioning management system

Power monitoring system

There are many other systems. You can refer to the solutions on the home page.

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