War epidemic, Wantai anti epidemic in action Nov 08, 2021

The new round of epidemic makes the whole Huainan in an extraordinary period, but our life has not stopped.

Over the past few days, Wantai people have charged in the front line and fought at the forefront, showing that the more difficulties and obstacles, the more energy and spirit to move forward bravely, and drawing touching pictures of always adhering to the work orientation of quickly meeting customer needs. Thank all the Wantai people!

We went to the front and recorded them

A busy but determined figure

Help fight the epidemic and shoulder social responsibility
The original intention does not change because of the distance
Responsibility is not forgotten because of ups and downs
In the face of the raging epidemic, Wantai has donated 270,000 yuan to the High-tech Zone and a total of more than 600 sets of medical protective clothing to the Tianjia'an District People's Government and the Panji District People's Government. responsibility.
An unshirkable responsibility.

After sales service department: difficulties and obstacles, mission will be achieved.

At this moment, all the staff of Wantai's after-sales service department are working day and night, racing against the clock and doing their best. They have only one firm goal in mind: to quickly meet the needs of customers!

According to the customer's requirements, the installation of high-voltage combined frequency conversion in Yitai Hongjing No. 1 mine must be completed as soon as possible. The after-sales service department finally arrived at the site to carry out work after going through the tests of nucleic acid detection, mining reporting and epidemic outbreak, so as to ensure that the after-sales service will not be affected. After the installation of Yitai Hongjing No. 1 coal mine, without a short rest, he rushed to caojiatan coal mine of Shaanxi coal mine to go through the ore entry procedures and report the nucleic acid, travel code, health code, etc. Although they are tired, they are full of energy.

Production line: the workload is several times higher than usual. Affected by the closure and control of the epidemic, all front-line production staff failed to arrive at the factory. However, isolation can not affect the work progress. In recent days, Wantai production workshop has worked hard all night to ensure the production progress of key projects, and the workload is several times higher than that on weekdays. With their persistence, they ensured the smooth delivery of production equipment.

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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