Technical exchange meeting between Wantai and national energy group Nov 08, 2021

Wantai chairman, vice president, chief engineer, deputy chief engineer, general sales manager and sales manager went to Urumqi, Xinjiang to hold a special exchange meeting on intelligent mine construction. The exchange meeting mainly focused on the theme of application and cases of products such as intelligent mine construction, intelligent power supply, communication and terminal, microseismic and advanced detection.

The Xinjiang Railway Station went to three group companies:
National Energy Group Xinjiang company
China Coal Group Xinjiang company
Shandong energy group Xinjiang coal chemical company

In the communication link, Chu Lu, chief engineer of Wantai, and Liu Jin, deputy chief engineer, gave professional communication replies on the demagnetization rate of permanent magnet motor, all-in-one machine, the construction of coal mine intelligent mine (management and control platform, the construction of various subsystems) proposed by Guoneng Xinjiang company.

At the end of the exchange meeting, the two sides expressed that they would further promote and deepen cooperation in the field of intelligent mines, jointly build and share the results of cooperation.

Thanks to Xinjiang company of national energy group, Xinjiang company of China Coal Group and Xinjiang coal chemical company of Shandong energy group for giving Wantai this exchange and reporting opportunity.

Wantai deep ploughing smart mine has been built for 24 years, mainly focusing on the construction of mine integrated communication network of whole mine automation and 5g F5G wifi6, providing automation products based on wireless communication and remote control, as well as terminal equipment such as intelligent transmission system of permanent magnet motor, permanent magnet drum and frequency converter.

We are committed to providing safe, energy-saving, efficient products and system solutions for intelligent mines.

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