home solution Variable frequency control system of endless rope winch

Variable frequency control system of endless rope winch

The device integrates control, protection and monitoring. It is equipped with imported adjustable programmable controller (PLC) and specialized man-machine interface. It has the functions of real-time monitoring, speed display, emergency parking and over-winding protection. It also has the functions of fork language warning and language communication along the line. It can realize the automatic control of winch. The whole set of equipment is easy to install, safe and reliable protection function, easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair.

1. The host contains a drive switch and a soft start unit.
2. Leakage communication function: After the leaky cable and the hand-held radio are connected, the device can realize the call communication with the winch operator whenever and wherever, and the operation of the emergency stop winch.
3. Emergency stop function.
4. Along the line broadcast function
5. With / wireless video system real-time monitoring function: real-time display of the shuttle car operating state, while the monitoring screen is painted with a winch installation laneway profile, real-time display of the tractor is in the slope point, road, curve or ramp.
6. Multiple over-volume protection
     a. Software limit on the program
     b. Photoelectric over-winding switch installed on the head and the tail
     c. Mechanical contact point switch protection in the over-roll switch.
7. Automatic positioning parking function: reaching the unloading point automatic parking function.

Main equipment components:
Four quadrant inverter
PLC programmable control box
Operation console
Explosion-proof screen
Overroll switch
speed sensor
Tension force sensor
Control Cable
Sound and light voice alarm
Communication device
Video Surveillance.