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Underground personnel Tracking system

Because of the large liquidity of coal mine underground work personnel, vehicles and other mobile target. Once flooding accident, fire disaster and other accidents occur, this will bring great difficulties to the relief work.
Therefore, mine personnel management system can be used for well personnel tracking and locating, enhancing mine disaster relief work, improving production dispatching. It can also perform security monitoring and inspection, check staff attendance, handle urgent incidents and keep track of the position and traces of various underground all kinds of personnel and other moving targets.
Also we can get accurate statistics of each shift of people in the well, various types of operation. All of these will provide accurate data for safe production, reasonable employment, well attendance. Coal mine personnel management system for underground personnel wireless positioning, tracking and attendance.
In line with the resource sharing, the system makes full use of resources on the basis of the existing system. On the basis of modern wired and wireless communication technology, control computer system, Central control computer system is set on ground operation department, while transmission substation and wireless transceiver are arranged at related position. The transmission substations and center control computer systems are connected via optical fiber or cable network, underground personnel, vehicles, equipment and other targets respectively have a sign of wireless identification card.
The system will have real-time understanding of underground personnel and distribution through the communication between transmission substation and wireless transceiver. The current or historical period of the area and activities of designated personnel can be arbitrary queried.
The attendance information such as the number of going to mine, the time of going to mine and so on can be properly statistical, and related reports can be printed. It has alarm function of real-time fault alarm and timeout, overcrowding, entering the danger zone, etc. Through a variety of sound and light and other methods, the system can actively inform people to evacuate from dangerous zone before the incidents occur. When underground personnel are in danger, they can issue a distress signal to the ground.
After the accident, it can timely lock the specific location of trapped and killed personnel, providing accurate information for search and rescue work. This will offer effective means for production command scheduling, safety monitoring and inspection, personnel attendance, emergency handling, etc. The system can transfer relevant data to management departments at all levels at the same time, providing an important basis for supervision and decision-making for leaders at all levels.