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Mine power monitoring system

Coal mine power monitoring system is applicable for coal mine power supply system, which is committed to solving the problems in coal mine power supply system. It uses mining power monitoring sub-station to monitor the underground mining substation, the central substation, and 35KV(11KV) substation, 6KV (10KV) substation, step-down station on the ground, with the functions of remote control of switches and electrical equipment underground and on the ground, telemetry, remote telephony, and remote adjustment, which commonly known as five remote functions, in order to achieve unattended or less people on duty, reduce the occurrence of power supply accidents, shorten the troubleshooting time, rationally deploy the equipment , improve the efficiency, and achieve remote monitoring of power systems. With Ethernet ring network power dispatching command system configuration and other network modes, the system can meet the high, medium and low-end needs of different users.