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Wantai Group business elite training in 2020 has completed perfectly


From July 3 to July 5, 2020, Huainan Wantai Electronic Co., Ltd. organized sales training in Chaohu, Anhui Province. In this training, the sales elites from all branches of the company have actively participated in the training. I believe that we have gained a lot from the 3-day training.

This training includes product knowledge and sales skills training, social etiquette courses and some team building games. Product knowledge and sales skills training can enhance employees’ understanding of products, and then better and more professional answers to customers’ questions. Social etiquette courses can make employees better show Wantai’s mental outlook when facing customers. Interesting team building games can make employees enhance team cohesion in a relaxed and happy game.

Learning and training is the greatest welfare given to employees by enterprises. Through training, we can improve the comprehensive quality and professional skills of employees, enhance their business ability and unity and cooperation ability, and make good use of the learning content in practical work, so as to strengthen the construction of sales personnel team, optimize personnel allocation, and realize the sustainable development of employees and enterprises.

Starting from the study, we should enhance the sales momentum of Wantai group, strengthen the internal strength, shape the image, and continuously enhance the model strength of Wantai group!