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The 22nd anniversary celebration of Wantai and the establishment of Wantai University


In 1998, Wantai Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded. We insist on giving full play to the advantages of the manufacturing industry, with high-quality products and services, steady operation and continuous innovation. On July 1, Wantai ushered in its 22nd birthday and founded Wantai University. All staff attended the flag raising ceremony and witnessed the unveiling ceremony of Wantai University. Looking up from the age of 22, the next 10 years will be a new one. Although there are many thorns, there are also opportunities. But when a team is under the greatest pressure, it is often the time with the greatest potential. Wantai is more open, expanding cooperation and deepening reform; the work objectives of staff are clearer, cross departmental collaboration is smoother, and staff are more energetic,Wantai will have a new round of development.

Wantai University was officially established.

Set up Wantai University to train young people of Wantai to be useful talents for the company and the society! If Wantai wants to be evergreen, we must build a good echelon, train and select successors! Nie Youxia, Deputy Secretary General of Huainan Municipal government, and Yu Zixian, chairman of Wantai group, jointly inaugurated Wantai University. The company leaders and government leaders awarded the appointment letter to the internal trainers.

Wantai has no retreat, only firm forward, we firmly believe that Wantai will become an example!