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High precision microseismic monitoring system


WTGeo ground microseismic monitoring and imaging system, which integrates micro seismic monitoring and imaging, data processing, data analysis and early warning. With advanced technology, high positioning accuracy, array layout fast and flexible, simple operation, technical support in a timely manner and so on.

The system is mainly used for real-time monitoring of microseismic events occurring during mining, tunnel excavation, slope sliding and oil&gas exploitation. It supports automatic and manual positioning, calculating multiple source parameters and focal mechanism and processing velocity field imaging, Analyzing microseismic events occurrence and velocity field change, determining the dynamic disaster potential and disaster warning. Based on the statistical analysis of the focal mechanism, the change of the wave velocity field and the spatial distribution of the microseismic events, the information such as the stress field, the fault and the stress concentration area can be obtained. To provide monitoring and early warning for the underground mining activities, microseismic and stress monitoring integration and geological disasters, to providing saving and imaging for oil and gas production.

Microseismic Joint Laboratory.

WANTAI Group and the USTC jointly establish the microseismic laboratory. It is devoted to the application of coal mine, to increase the interdisciplinary depth, to analyze microseismic data deeply, to study the mechanism of the microseismic event, to clarify the mechanics mechanism of rock shear and so on, to realize microseismic wave velocity field inversion. To provide a richer tool for the evolution of dynamic disasters.