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On-line monitoring and control system for main fan

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With the development of modern science and technology, the requirement of automation control degree of production system is increasing. The control process requires more safety and reliability and more complete functions. It needs centralized monitoring, real-time access and automatic analysis of production process information in order to implement the best operation plan. Therefore, according to the technical requirements of the mine and the existing situation of the equipment, the main fan of Dequan Mine is monitored and controlled.

PC bus industrial control system is used in the main fan monitoring system, which centralizes advanced technologies such as industrial computer, intelligent data acquisition, calculation and control, graphics display, image monitoring, network communication and so on. It has the functions of graphic display, centralized display of various information and data, automatic record of historical data, automatic generation of data reports, abnormal alarm and protection shutdown, information networking, printing, etc. It is a high-performance monitoring system with comprehensive functions, strong versatility and good openness. The system has the advantages of high reliability, fast processing speed, high monitoring accuracy, easy operation and low maintenance cost.