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KT594 Mine Wireless Communication System 4G + Intelligent miner lamp intercom

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1.1 Project background
Underground communication system is an essential facility for safety protection and production scheduling in coal mines. The application of wireless communication system technology in coal mine enterprises, improve the level of underground wireless communication, accelerate the pace of underground communication development, for the safety of coal mine production, improve production efficiency, improve the management level of enterprises to build an effective information platform, has become an important task in the development of coal mine wireless communication. Due to the poor underground environment, roadway distribution, interference signal source, the development of wireless obstacles are relatively large.

In the early stage, underground communication in China was mainly wired, while in recent years, it was mainly PHS and wifi communication. With the vigorous development of the scientific and technological revolution centered on information technology, the construction of the fourth generation coal mine represented by intelligent construction has been started. At the same time, it is also required that the mine communication system, one of the six major systems in the coal mine, can not only provide voice telephone and voice dispatching functions, but also bear the transmission of text, multimedia video, monitoring data and other information.

PHSPersonal handy-phone systems
Wireless LAN technology
Public technology
In a word, with the improvement of automation and informatization of coal mine production, traditional data and voice communication cannot meet the needs of coal mine safety production and wireless visual multimedia service. This requires the use of a new network structure and a new wireless transmission theory and technology, the construction of the mine broadband integrated communication system, to achieve a variety of underground wired and wireless monitoring, monitoring, voice information transmission. So as to build a safe and efficient modern mine, improve the level of automation and information in China’s coal mine.

1.2 Description of project
This project is to organize the implementation of the project with the goal of 4G network coverage downhole in the first mine of Yangquan coal industry (group) co., LTD. The project consists of four parts:

1) ground core network construction

2) downhole wireless network system construction

3) downhole mobile terminal

4) ground server and system software. Through the construction of the above four parts, the first mine of Yangquan coal industry (group) co., ltd. is realized, and the underground 4G network is fully covered.

1.3 Introduction to cooperative enterprises
Wantai electric was established in 1998, the headquarters is located in Huainan, is a production of coal mine safety monitoring system, integrated automation and informatization, intelligent electrical complete sets of equipment for the integration of national high and new technology enterprise, China well-known trademark recognition, built in Anhui province enterprise technology center, mine electrical engineering technology research center in Anhui province, Anhui industrial design center. Ranked the first three in the same industry, Anhui province first. Zhang haijiang, a professor at the university of science and technology of China, is the chief expert on the project. Professor Zhang haijiang is one of the first batch of “thousand talents program for young people” in China. Born in 1973, he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in applied sciences in Changchun in 1994 and 1997 respectively. In December 2003, he obtained his doctoral degree in University of wisconsin-madison (uw-madison). He was an assistant and associate researcher at uw-madison from 2004 to 2007 and a Research Scientist at the Massachusetts institute of technology from 2007 to 2012.

A talent team composed of 40 fixed scientific researchers has 11 invention patents related to this major emerging industry. Was awarded “China well-known trademark”, “national hi-tech enterprise”, “national enterprise intellectual property pilot unit”, “innovative enterprises in Anhui province”, “green factory in Anhui province”, “top 20 software enterprises in Anhui province”, “industrialization and information fusion in Anhui province demonstration enterprise”, “specialization, new small and medium-sized enterprises in Anhui province”, “Anhui provincial government quality prize”, “Anhui province labor and social security good faith demonstration unit”, “Anhui provincial enterprise technology center”, “Anhui province engineering technology research center”, “Anhui industrial design center” “manufacturing and Internet integration development pilot enterprises in Anhui province”, “AAAA level standard Good behavior certificate of Anhui province, famous brand product of Anhui province, fine industrial product of Anhui province, high-tech product of Anhui province, new product of Anhui province, top 20 software enterprises of Anhui province, etc.

1.4 Service advantages
The company attaches great importance to customer service work, our service purpose is: everything to meet customers. In the spirit of “rapid response, work patience, rigorous system, always for the sake of users, to provide 100 percent thoughtful, meticulous service” concept, wholeheartedly for customers to provide satisfactory service.

1.4.1 Service organizations
After-sales service department is responsible for customer service work, there are 42 professional after-sales service personnel, and each project team of technical personnel more than 70 as a backup force. The leaders of the company and each department are responsible for the customer service work, providing customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1.4.2 Service system
During the project implementation and trial operation, the company establishes a special after-sales service department, which is responsible for providing relevant technical information to the end users, tracking the operation of each system, responding to the end users’ technical support request and urgent maintenance request as soon as possible, and ensuring the normal and stable operation of the whole system. If necessary, the customer shall be trained according to the contract; During the trial operation of the project, the company will provide the following technical support services:

Specially-assigned technical support: the customer service center will assign specially-assigned personnel to maintain a set of detailed support files to track the operation and failure of the system at any time. And at any time to the person in charge of a regular report, at the same time by a variety of ways to provide a full range of technical support to end users, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system.

Establish support files: after the initial inspection of the project, the customer service center will establish a complete set of support files for the system. It includes the technical implementation plan, user information, and records of system failures and interviews with end users at any time, so as to facilitate party b to provide targeted technical support.

Regular user interviews: the customer service center will conduct regular user interviews to inquire about the operation of the system and existing problems, so as to find and solve problems at any time. The interview will be conducted by telephone, fax, E-mail or on-site interview.

1.4.3 The service response
The service response

The service mode adopts telephone, fax, E-mail and door-to-door service, etc., to solve the general problems on the spot, more complex problems within 24 hours at the latest to give a reply.

The customer service center will provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive and process end user failure reports. The customer service department will provide mobile, telephone, fax, E-mail, remote assistance and other online support. All incoming calls, emails, faxes, etc. will be recorded and tracked until they are completely resolved until the user confirms. Service response time: 24 hours