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Coal Mine Electric Power Monitoring System

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With the acceleration of automation and information construction of coal mine production process, the requirement of scientific management of coal mine power supply system has been raised to a new height. Nowadays, with the improvement of coal mining mechanization, the reliability and rationality of coal mine power supply and distribution system operation become more and more important. Relying on intelligent comprehensive protection device, it is necessary to establish a set of perfect electric power monitoring system to ensure the safe operation of the power grid in the well and underground, and to realize peak shifting and valley filling of power supply, which can bring huge social and economic benefits to the coal mine.

The design of KJ275 substation automation system follows the international standard transmission protocol, supports remote diagnosis and maintenance, and greatly improves its security, reliability and openness. Using Microsoft Windows 2K/XP operating system platform, making full use of many performance characteristics of Windows platform: multi-task, multi-threading mechanism, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use unified graphical interface, good network support, especially support for TCP/IP protocol, has strong fault-tolerant ability and system security.