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Centralized Control of Raw Coal Transportation System

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There are three main aspects in the work of promoting industrialization by informationization: first, focusing on the application of electronic information technology, improving the level of automation, intelligent control and informationization of management in traditional industries; second, focusing on the application of advanced manufacturing technology, promoting high-quality and efficient production in manufacturing industry and revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry; and third, the key to upgrading key industries. Technology, common technology and related supporting technology level, technology and equipment level. In addition, there are two main objectives for the implementation of high-tech industrialization: first, to develop high-tech, form new industries and cultivate new growth points; second, to use advanced technology to transform and optimize traditional industries and improve the quality of economic growth.

In the field of mine production, the efficiency, real-time and safety of production and management directly affect the production efficiency and cost control of enterprises. As the main force of mine production, transportation system must also adapt to the requirements of this changing trend. That is to say, the construction, management and dispatching of the whole transportation system should be developed towards informationization, intellectualization, centralization and distributed control – it is imperative to establish a perfect dispatching command center of the transportation system. In view of this, a remote production command and dispatch system, which integrates control, protection and online browsing, emerges as the times require. At present, many modern mines have built such systems, and have achieved substantial direct and indirect benefits.

Installation of an advanced and practical electric control system for belt conveyor makes the control more complete, the protection more reliable, the operation more convenient, the understanding more intuitive, the maintenance more convenient, the expansion and networking easier is our goal and requirement.

The system can make it easy to dispatch and command, and the processing results are clear at a glance; for field operators, it is easy to operate and maintain; for maintenance personnel, it can learn as many fault hints as possible from the system, so as to improve the speed of fault detection.

According to the main design principles, the control system should be advanced, reasonable, stable and reliable in technology, flexible in expansion, and the requirement of linking up with related systems and higher-level systems must be considered. In the belt transportation system, we have formulated a control system design scheme using advanced PLC programmable controller as the control core.