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Automatic Control System of Water Pumping House in Vietnam

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Significance of Remote Control of Underground Drainage System

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the automation management of enterprises has been widely valued and concerned by enterprises at all levels. The realization of information management plays an increasingly important role in improving the efficiency and level of production, operation, management and decision-making of enterprises. The realization of integrated automation system also has a direct role in promoting the implementation of reducing staff and increasing efficiency in coal mine enterprises.

Underground water pump in coal mine is one of the main equipment to ensure the safety of coal mine production. The remote control and monitoring of underground pump house is an important part of the comprehensive automation construction. At present, in the design of drainage system of underground pump house, many pumps are usually set up to rotate for work, reserve and maintenance, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of mine drainage system. These pumps have high voltage, high power and complex operating conditions. It is difficult to achieve real-time monitoring manually. In addition, the traditional manual operation mode is generally adopted for the water filling (vacuum pumping) of suction pipeline before starting, the water level monitoring of sump, and the operation and management of equipment in pump room. Traditional operation process is tedious, labor intensive, many human factors, long start-up time and low automation level, which can not meet the requirements of modern mine management. Therefore, it is necessary to realize automatic control of pump room and pump.