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  • Huang Jiangsheng

    Deputy General Manager of the Group
    General Manager of R & D Center
    Doctor of Tsinghua University
    Professor of Tsinghua University.

  • Zhang Haijiang

    General Manager of Hefei Branch
    Ph.D. in Seismology, University of Wisconsin, USA
    Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Director of Wan Tai Microseismic Laboratory, Ground - to - Air College, USTC
    Deputy Director of Institute of Physical Geophysics, USTC
    Professor of China University of Science and Technology
    One of the first members of the " Youth Thousand Program" of China's Central Organization Department

  • Dong Zhigang

    General Manager of Shanghai Branch
    Master's degree
    Mine equipment application expert

  • Li Zhan

    General Manager of Hefei Engineering Center
    Master of Science and Technology of China
    Director of Automation Department of Anhui Coal Design Institute